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Old Man's Child - Slaves Of The World (CD)

Old Man's Child
Slaves Of The World
by Elina Papadoyianni at 14 May 2009, 6:54 PM

Pure fucking evil. Old Man's Child is just another name for the Antichrist but it could very well fit to this album as if it sounds like Satan himself forged it, and then bathed it in human blood to baptize it and release it to the unsuspecting listener. It's been four years since the band has released anything and many thought that Galder's (DIMMU BORGIR) project belonged to the past, but they're back and they're better than ever, giving us their most solid album up to date, Slaves Of The World, and one hell (literally) of a contender for the best Black Metal release of this year.
Be prepared, if your neck isn't trained in cases of high stress, such as relentless headbanging caused by this kind of music, it will be bad for your health and that's something you can realize from the first few seconds of the opening track. The guitar riffs combined with the hellish vocals are just about enough to have the same effect as severing your head and putting it in the microwave; and since that's technically impossible it's the closest you can get.
The production is crystal clear without becoming plastic or very well shined; it's just perfect and it couldn't be otherwise since there's a lot of stuff going on. Just listen to the magnificent Ferden Mot Fiendens Land and you'll see (or to be precise, hear) what I mean. It's an amazing feat considering that everything was done by Galder himself, besides the insane drumming from Peter Wildoer (DARKANE, PESTILENCE ex-ARCH ENEMY, etc).
Another thing I really appreciated was how each song has its own identity instead of following a certain pattern or a trademark sound so that makes it really hard to choose a favorite. Those first grunts and the ensuing vocal chaos in The Crimson Meadows or On The Devil's Throne would be the perfect soundtrack if an army of demons was unleashed on this retched planet.  If you are a fan of ass kicking Norwegian Black Metal, this is a release that you really can't afford to miss.

4 Star Rating

Slaves of the World
Saviors of Doom
The Crimson Meadows
Unholy Foreign Crusade
Path of Destruction
The Spawn of Lost Creation
On the Devil's Throne
Ferden Mot Fienden's Land
Servants of Satan's Monastery
Record Label: Century Media Records


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