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Ole Devil & The Spirit Chasers - Apocalypse Blues

Ole Devil & The Spirit Chasers
Apocalypse Blues
by Craig Rider at 10 November 2022, 5:33 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: OLE DEVIL & THE SPIRIT CHASERS; signed via Apollon Records, hailing from Norwegian grounds - performing Blues Infused Rock N Roll, on their 2nd full-length studio album entitled: “Apocalypse Blues” (released September 9th, 2022). Since formation in 2019; the quartet in question have only 2 full-length studio albums in their discography so far entitled: “Boneyard Boogie” (released August 2nd, 2019), and this here second offering entitled: “Apocalypse Blues” in their discography so far of which I am introduced to. 10 tracks ranging around 42:24; OLE DEVIL & THE SPIRIT CHASERS arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Blues Infused Rock N Roll.

Opening up with this jazzy groove; a progressively technical strum ramifies with fuzzy distortion and catchy flamboyance within “Together For A Moment - Forever Apart”, it’s all goofy sounding yet the zeal factor barrages eardrums into a feel-good symbiosis of vibrantly potent remedy. A distinctively distinguished furore elements at a hybrid experimentation in implementing harmonic reverberation; manifesting with rumbling rock n roll tradition which fuses blues slabbiness with wildly rushing stability to boot. It’s all swift with snappy rollicks until contorted heft in amplified but offbeat swiftness seamlessly surges with nimble stability which Ole Teigan showcases with on his dexterously dynamic guitar vibrato mobility with pianist melody & rawly rough vocals that supply with throaty rasp while remaining concretely gritty for good measure. “Moaning At A Boneyard” creates a euphonic duet fuelled ambition with Ann-Christin Willumsen; merging well with more peculiar yet unorthodox songwriting musicianship that’s most… bizarre but captivating all round.

St. James Infirmary Blues” distils a sulphurous momentum on riveting rhythms & singsong sublimity with a gnarly fabrication embedded; attributing a monolithic tempo of organic substance to boot, arming a brimming dose in rifting tremolo hooks amongst chiselling crescendos that portray with prodigiously prestigious kicks from light-tapped but hammering drummer Christian Håpnes Svendsen - very notable within the jumpy punchline of the titular track. Rambunctiously boisterous bounciness blisters eardrums with snarly maelstrom stability, tremoring with towering wackiness while mellifluous vehemence utilises versatile yet slow musicality for good measure - which “Mouth Of Hell” profusely materialises with. Trumpets blow, flutes follow forth all the while salubriously radical soundwaves roll with meaty calamity and idiocentric execution.

Not to forget bass audibility flickers from Artur Gosan; where thumpy stompiness rollicks with frolicking gallops and grumbling weightiness, which moves with the insane bizarro pattern with wavering & maddening pursuit which strikes with party strife stridency that still makes this marvellously listenable, evident in “Soundwave Surfer” which notably best describes this record best I would say. “Burning With My Love” belts a clobbering but brisk and engagingly ambient atmosphere, as instrumental complexity forges a soundtrack that’s most suited for a good drink down the ole pub to turn your brain completely off with while rocking with a hard pint. Robustly tight still; synthetic riffraff revels with a grandiose good time, where this memorable lyric “I got money in my pocket, with nowhere to go” in the next rocker “Faustian Deal” keeps one marvelled & jumpy to boot.

Rigorously vigorous archetypes in archaic but angelically intriguingly immersive eclat articulates with meticulous resolve in downtuned flexibility, fundamentally and adapting with wondrous impactability amongst an impulsing but clamourous anomaly that’s most cavernous but also trepidatious which the penultimate track “Long Way Home” excels at. While the overall concluding epic “Huldreleik” completes the record with mythical yet majestic symbolism with a dark but acoustic anthem with no vocals & desolate dissonance, I am compelled to say that “Apocalypse Blues” most surely delivered an enjoyably entertaining experience in Blues Infused Rock N Roll that justifies the subgenre with grandiose grandeur and indelible finesse. Bottom line; as odd & eccentrically out of the ordinary a discovery it is, I enjoyed a unique yet elegantly exquisite foundation in borderline rock n roll fever in which most definitely deserves playing & spinning a good couple of times. Do check it out should you fancy a bluesy but diversely variant soundscape that will serve with your unwinding & travel escape ahead.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Together For a Moment - Forever Apart
2. Moaning At The Boneyard
3. St. James Infirmary Blues
4. Apocalypse Blues
5. Mouth of Hell
6. Soundwave Surfer
7. Burning With My Love
8. Faustian Deal
9. Long Way Home
10. Huldreleik
Ole Teigen - Guitar/Piano/Vocals
Christian Håpnes Svendsen - Drums
Artur Gosan - Bass
Ann-Christin Willumsen - Vocals
Record Label: Apollon Records


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