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Olethrio Rigma - O Tromos Tis Eksousias (CD)

Olethrio Rigma
O Tromos Tis Eksousias
by Grigoris Chronis at 30 October 2004, 4:23 PM

This is the 5th full length work of the Greek Hardcore/Metalcore long-running band Olethrio Rigma (Fatal Crack, in translation). Under the umbrella of premier Metal label Black Lotus Records, O Tromos Tis Eksousias presents one of the oldest bands - in this blend - in Greece in their most (I came to this conclusion) Metalic effort to date.
Back in 1989… Rigma took shape by guitarist/vocalist Nikos, a well known member of the underground Punk/HC Greek scene. With e certain scope for providing anti-government lyrical concepts in their songs, the band played its ass out in hundreds of gigs, from manifestation festivals to out-of-Athens anti-cop fiestas. It was 1994, when the band's debut O Teleftaios Aeonas saw the light of day (or the dark of night?), when Olethros - formed by guitarist/vocalist Emi - was spreading its name around. Sharing the stage at various times, the bands became friends and it wasn't a hard thought to merge forces under the Olethrio Rigma moniker, with more power to their music than ever. Four albums from Olethrio Rigma (1996) to Kill The Children, Murderers (2002) and here we are in…
…2004. O Tromos Tis Eksousias is nothing more or less than the band's usual vibe. Hardcore vocals (either from Nikos or Emi), with sufficient anti-authority lyrics spirited by the war in Iraq, Thrash/Metalcore guitars with nearly no solos and a Rock-hard rhythm section with efficient bridges during various parts in the nine tracks of this album. Not much can be said about the album's production (Praxis Studio, see Negative Creeps or Bullethole) since bands of this style tend to choose a mediocre sound, not that affluent.
Case specific, if you're not a Greek reader, the band's style is similar to bands like heavy Suicidal Tendencies, Crowbar or all these Thrash-meets-HC-meets-Punk stuff; can't come up with any other similarities. Hope you got the point.
It's good to see that a band like Olethrio Rigma still stands tall, not being a victim of circumstances. Of course, sung in Greek, the lyrics will not be that applicable for people living elsewhere, but you can give it a try. If you've walked enough in political marches, thrown various stuff to cops and have a vivid anti-power blood running in your veins, then take a glimpse.

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In To The Fucking Death
Irak Ora (Iraq Hour)
Psema (Lie)
Fotia (Fire)
Dolofonoi (Killers)
Oi Opadoi (The Supporters)
Skatokosme (Shit World)
I Prodosia Tis Anthropotitas (Humanity's Betrayal)
O Tromos Tis Eksousias (Power's Terror)
Nikos - Vocals & Guitar
Emi - Vocals & Guitar
Takis - Drums & Backing Vocals
Panayiotis - Bass & Backing Vocals
Record Label: Black Lotus Records


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