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Olivia Neutered John – Gorewhore

Olivia Neutered John
by Quinten Serna at 30 July 2020, 4:51 PM

An interesting concoction — to put it midly —, “Olivia Neutered John,” has produced a collection of tracks centered around none other than castration, gender allegories, sexual atavism, and complete abandon all of which are contained within the newest release of “Gorewhore.”

The ferocity of the tracks approaches that of early days D.R.I. by number and scale alone, the complete and utter disregard for a picturesque build is as humorous as it is solemn; in that, Dick “Bastard” Weeks forsook the notion of “standards” and built a full length album around a slough of swimming thoughts aching for dispersion and distinction, we are now yet able to experience the horror and the humor from therein. “Whetting The Tools Of Castration” serves as the opener for the LP both in title and performance, as the title’s delivery explains the setting for the record—as well, a prelude to the next track—and the performance of the piece creates the tone for the entirety of the record. “Olivia Neutered John” commences with a sample form the movie “Hard Candy” where Hayley is about to “castrate” Jeff, the instruments kick in as the rest of the song plays out in a progression more akin to Death Metal. Tracks like “Pool Of Liquefied Pedophiles,” “Stairwell Nonce Bashing,” “Break Your Neck Bust Your Balls,” “Exhaustive Ruination Of The Vas Deferens,” “Transdefender,” and “Post Traumatic Pickaxe Perforated Prostate,” follow this formula of prose and music, whilst others are pure music, my personal favorite of which is without contest “And The Arms That Embrace Me Are As Gentle As The Broken Necks Of Dead Swans” which has a kind of Death n Roll rhythm to it.

The instruments are precise, caustic, and in the pocket with a focus on the heavier subgenres of Metal such as Death, Grind, and Gore. The guitars are alarmingly imposing without being overly saturated or distorted; the bass is heavy, thick, and provides a powerful foundation for the rhythm; the drums are tight and succinct, a little buried but otherwise exacting; the vocals are the focus of the album immediately drawing attention over all other elements, theirs is an amalgamation of growling roars and shrill concision.

Without question one of the more odd and intimidating albums I’ve come across, “Gorewhore,” captures the imagination of both the composer and the audience, transferring ideas of pain, humor, and isolation into stress, syllable, and song. Anyone who’s a fan of the album, “Dirty Rotten LP” would probably find some of that same charm here, and others who are drawn to the odd and eldritch would certainly find that laden throughout both the album and the band’s mission statement.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Whetting The Tools Of Castration
2. Olivia Neutered John
3. Freelance Rotary Hammer Proctologist
4. Pool Of Liquefied Pedophiles
5. Gendercrusher
6. Under The Heel Of Her Holy Highness
7. Stairwell Nonce Bashing
8. Stillbornography
9. Pecker Wrecker
10. Death Fetish
11. Queen Of The Rusty Chainsaw
12. Anal In The House Of The Lord
13. Break Your Neck Bust Your Balls
14. Terminator Of Unlife
15. Brutality Unleashed
16. Cisterhood Of The Jackal
17. Underage Teenage Outrage Rampage
18. Exhuastive Ruination Of The Vas Deferens
19. Bootlicker
20. Transdefender
21. Friend Zone Dead Zone
22. Unanesthetized Gelding With A Brand Name Food Processor
23. Scrotal Holocaust
24. Gorewhore
25. And The Arms That Embrace Me Are As Gentle As The Broken Necks Of Dead Swans
26. John Poison Sons
27. Testosteroni
28. Post Traumatic Pickaxe Perforated Prostate
29. HOPE Machine II
30. The Fragility Of Origami In A Rainstorm
31. Suffer Age
Dick “Bastard” Weeks – Everything
Record Label: Blackened Death Records


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