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Omaha – Chapters Award winner

by Matan "Shouter" Yaniv at 22 February 2015, 7:26 AM

I really do enjoy hearing UK music in lately. The new bands there have managed to create emotion in their songs in a level that not many other bands in the world can aspire to. OMAHA was created from the same material, as an Alternative band in the wave of the second decade of the 21 century's British bands. The band formed recently in Leicester in 2014.

Not so long time after their formation, the band released their brand new EP that called "Chapters". The album starts with "Devilish Acts". In the latest month I heard a lot of songs, some of them were good and some not. But this song is not only the best song in the EP, it's also the best song I heard in this month. The melody of the song is genius, the guitar parts are amazing and chorus is anthemic and made for stadiums. This song is absolutely a perfect masterpiece.

"Stranger's Embrace" a very cool song. The song has a punk melody that reminds me of SIMPLE PLAN for a few moments. The band managed to create a middle point between doing a kick-ass punk song and doing a melodic song, and it works.

The next track is "Homebound", the most silently song so far. Despite being the most mellow, the song is also the most powerful song in the EP. With some genius lyrics and again the perfect melody, the band managed to create a really emotional & powerful song that a lot of fans will be able to feel connected to. "GND" is different than the rest of the songs, if the rest of the songs were modern Alternative Rock songs, so this one is more old school.

We can hear a lot of FAITH NO MORE, MUSE, and even a GREEN DAY's chorus (in the "American Idiot" age), and a groove that been used more in the past. Still the band don’t forget where they came from and the modern Alternative remains in the band.

As I said before, there are some very big things that going on in the UK, a lot of great band that creating amazing songs. To the list of 'British bands that I need to follow' comes OMAHA.

Does it say that the band is perfect? No. Although that the songs are great, still the band suffer from a lack of identity. Not that I'm saying that that’s the band fault, still the band exists for a year, but it's just that the time need to do the job and to fill the band's full potential.

Still, I have nothing but good words for this band and no criticism about the band. I really do wish them all the luck in the world because I know that they could be a very huge band.

5 Star Rating

1. Devilish Acts
2. Stranger's Embrace
3. Homebound
4. GND
5. There's No Room For Doubt
6. The Final Scene
Jack Voss – Vocals
Ben Corbett - Guitar
Freddie Goli - Guitar
Arron Bailey - Bass
Jake Clark - Drums
Record Label: We Are Triumphant Records


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