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Omega Diatribe - Iapetus

Omega Diatribe
by Raven Rose Lyness at 17 November 2014, 10:04 PM

So if you're looking for the most unimaginative metal album of the century, this is it.

Brutal, yet mundane, from start to finish. It seems the most important thing to this band is sounding hardcore, and if that's your cuppa then good luck to you, this will be right up your street. Lacking the art of song writing, melody, lyrics, meaning and substance makes this an empty and disappointing album.

"Runcation" probably is the most fitting end, as most, if not all, will need to run away for a vacation if this album ever hits the airwaves.

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1. Molecular Torsion
2. Luna Reliquit
3. Three Mystic Apes
4. Unshadowed Days
5. Eon of Decay
6. Forty Minutes
7. Everlasting Connection
8. Stenosis
9. Visual Screaming
10. Runcation
Gergely Komáromi - Vocal
Ákos Szathmáry - Bass
Gergő Hájer - Lead Guitar
Attila Császár - Guitar
???? ????? - Drums
Record Label: Twin Peak Records


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