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Omega Infinity - Solar Spectre Award winner

Omega Infinity
Solar Spectre
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 03 April 2020, 4:30 AM

OMEGA INFINITY is the new project from NE OBLIVISCARIS growler Xenoyr. They label themselves as “Black Void Metal.” “Solar Spectre” is their debut release, and contains ten tracks. “Uranus” is the opening track. It’s a short, mood-setting instrumental that sounds like sound bites that come deep from the recesses of the universe. “Mars” comes at you strong out of the gates, as the red planet is known for. Deep and dark vocals combine with a wall of guitars and galloping drums. It has a sterile, industrial sound to it as well. It pauses around the ¾ mark for the repeated phrase of “we are the army of the red colossus.

“Venus” is about half as long, opening with swirling winds and some electronica before the chaos ensues. It’s a fast-moving song featuring the both deepest and highest screams of Xenoyr’s vocal repertoire. “Jupiter” is like the gassed obscure giant planet of its namesake. Massive thuds occur at first, like you are rounding the view to this enormous planet for the first time and view that red eye circling with storms. Clean vocal chants lead the charge. Xenoyr’s vocals are angry and rageful, and more of that cold, industrial sound is present. It moved slowly, like a lumbering beast.

“Sol” opens with atmospheric qualities…dark ad ominous tones abound. It swells to the main sound pretty quickly. It has a quickened pace and features some subtle melodies here and there. “Neptune” opens with delicate melodies and some light, clean vocals. The harsh vocals seep in slowly. The push and pull of the two vocal styles are augmented by odd, harrowing keys. “Saturn” is a charged song with electronica and what sound like a heavy guitar playing through a steel pipe. The drums roll forward and then it wanes for just a bit until the main sound returns.

“Terra” is a shorter song with that combination of Black Metal and Industrial Metal at its peak. The cold, sterile lows combine with the galloping drums and raging vocals in a way that just works. It culminates in a passage of pure madness. Segueing into “Mercury,” which is a shorter, moody sound, it’s all about setting the stage for the final track. It has a very tame sound with an occasional wind gust. “Hosannas for the Basements of Hell (Killing)” closes the album. It has a fairly traditional Black Metal sound with shouted, raspy vocals and again that air of ambiance in the background that sounds like it comes from the depths of Antarctica, or someplace colder than death.

Overall, this album was a unique experience under the auspice of the Black Metal genre. As many of the titles were planets from our solar system, they were able to invoke sounds unique to each planet, all while experimenting with Industrial and Progressive tones at the same time. It’s cold, dark, and bleak…as being abandoned in space would be. There’s a million things to look at but all are too far away, as you fade into utter nothingness.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Uranus
2. Mars
3. Venus
4. Jupiter
5. Sol
6. Neptune
7. Saturn
8. Terra
9. Mercury
10. Hosannas from the Basements of Hell (Killing)
Tentakel P. – Everything
Xenoyr – Vocals
Record Label: Season of Mist


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