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Omicida - Certain Death Award winner

Certain Death
by Craig Thrasher Rider at 29 June 2015, 12:22 AM

Tasty, here we have a Thrash Metal band OMICIDA from Los Angeles, CA. They are plain and simple, Thrash Metal done at its very best. Sounding like XENTRIX and TESTAMENT in the vocal department and very much so instrumentally. I greeted this listen with pleasure.

Being a Thrash fanatic (it's in my name) I enjoyed the heck out of this Thrashtastic masterpiece. No gimmicks, no nonsense, just straight up brutality throughout “Certain Death” just like how all Thrash Metal should be. Pounding drums, very fast riffs and vocals of a God. Makes me wonder what METALLICA are doing with themselves and why they decided to change from Thrash to well, pretty much Rock back in the day.

We begin with “Cult Of Fear” which needs no introduction, we have ourselves a Thrash classic that puts METALLICA's “Load” / “Reload” / “Garage Inc.” / “St. Anger” to shame in the Thrash Metal world; let's face it, they weren't Thrash bound at all. (No offence to them, I love METALLICA as much as the next person but they just didn't rock me unfortunately. Still a great band though.) Vocals of agonizing rage and absolute power Joseph Michael does a perfect job in this sense and has so much potential on the ranks of Chuck Billy from TESTAMENT he would be very proud of Joseph and so am I. The title track comes in “Certain Death” is an extremely fast Thrasher full of power with thanks to the amazing vocals and amazing drumming skill of Joseph Michael the sound production here is a fine representation and all bands should take note of how to create such a masterpiece of epic proportions. Fine riffs from the great Will Wallner sounding pitch perfect and the fine bass work of Roman Kovalik is all very much noticeable and I certainly can't recommend this Thrashterpiece enough!

“Disobey” is a similar outcome with extra heavy. And the vocals adding extra loud screams, for a first full length album I can tell this band will go places. And I'll certainly be supporting them for myself, this is how badass they are. “Star Striped Death” begins with a perfect fast introduction and carries on through the song incorporating the pounding strength of those fine drums. They say all you need is balls and talent to perform this level of power, and with those balls, I agree. The talent will come souring at you. That is basically the name game for this band, balls and talent. They have a lot of this and throughout the rest of the album we have ourselves a Thrashterpiece of epic proportions, I'm already pleased with the outcome of this album. As we get to “Into The Abyss”, vocals continue with added rhythm and power, and pound worthy amazement, whilst screeching riffs of fine precision counter keyboard elements that add the great tone of this song.

Heck, I could go on forever about how great these guys sound, they sound like veterans of Thrash Metal and with only one album to prove that, they've certainly done themselves proud. Finding new bands like this only make me happy and I'm proud to add OMICIDA to my list of Thrash.

Basically, “Certain Death” deserves the title of… THRASHTERPIECE, I mean MASTERPIECE.

5 Star Rating

1. Cult Of Fear
2. Certain Death
3. Disobey
4. Star Stripped Death
5. Into The Abyss
6. Strike Back
7. Unbroken Seal
Joseph Michael - Vocals
Roy Lev Ari - Guitar
Will Wallner - Guitar
Roman Kovalik - Bass
Giovanni Durst - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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