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Ominous Scriptures - Rituals of Mass Self-Ignition

Ominous Scriptures
Rituals of Mass Self-Ignition
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 26 January 2023, 2:58 PM

People must have to deal with music in two different points of view: one as a fan, other as a musician. The fan can have all the aspects of life influenced by the music heard; but the musician can like a lot a band, but must say a big ‘fuck off’ to it when making music, because it can became a hard trial to make music being constantly under the shadow of the past. And besides not copying or doing something wrong, the Belarus quintet OMINOUS SCRIPTURES needs to sharp its musical efforts, for “Rituals of Mass Self-Ignition” points to this way. Their musical work is based on a form of Brutal Death Metal, or in other words, that oppressive and hard to swallow form of music that is known by the fans. Their musical work is good, with a sober technical level, and with the natural extreme hooks of the genre.

But their music is heavily influenced by their influences, for there are too many ‘fingerprints’ of acts as MORTICIAN and SUFFOCATION on their songs. Their music is good, aggressive and brutal, but could be better with more of the quintet’s personality on it. The sound quality of “Rituals of Mass Self-Ignition” isn’t as good as it could be. Of course it’s brutal and aggressive way, in a form that can be understood by the fans (what means that things are defined). But the instrumental tunes could be better (especially on the snare drum), because sometimes it sounds a bit artificial, a bit ‘canned’.

Besides all these facts (maybe only writers would care for them, after all), moments as “Demonic Totem I Am” (very good guitar riffs and blast beats), “Rituals of Mass Self-Ignition” (the technical level of the bass guitar and drums is very good, because there are many rhythmic shifts on this one), “Fanning the Flames” (many brutal hooks can be heard on the song’s harmonies, with very good vocals with ‘mullean’ grunts), “Mangled Perception” (another good sets of rhythmic changes), and “Codex Rescriptus” have many fun for the fans of the genre.

Adjusting a bit more their musical efforts in the right direction, and making a better sonority for their albums, there’s no doubt that OMINOUS SCRIPTURES will be an excellent act in the Brutal Death Metal scene. But even with such demands, “Rituals of Mass Self-Ignition” can be a very good release for the fans (once more: maybe they have not the hard exigencies of the writers).

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Demonic Totem I Am
2. Rituals of Mass Self-Ignition
3. Enraged
4. Fanning the Flames
5. Serpentine Wisdom
6. Mangled Perception
7. Inhabitant of the Lacrimarium
8. Codex Rescriptus
Paweł Nałęcki - Vocals
Sergey Liakh - Guitars, Vocals
Pavel Lapkouski - Guitars
Andrey Pilipenko - Bass, Backing Vocals
Alexandr Novitski - Drums
Record Label: Willowtip Records


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