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Omnia Moritur – Ex Inferis Award winner

Omnia Moritur
Ex Inferis
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 02 August 2022, 4:33 AM

OMNIA MORITUR is a death/doom band, with members hailing from both Norway and Sweden.  “Ex Inferis,” is their full length debut album. There is a lot of symphonic elements to this album, something that I never thought would pair with doom.  But as I found out with my recent discovery of the latest DEPRESSED MODE album, I really hope it becomes more frequent.  OMNIA MORITUR have definitely made my interest in this style even more hungry—this debut album is beast from hell. Andre’s arrangements for the piano/keys/orchestrations are lush and detailed to the point where a fan of this type of instrumentation would probably enjoy this album even if they don’t like doom.

Likewise, the doom is so, well, doomy that even the most ardent hater of symphonic metal will still want this for the dark, deep, evil pit of doom the album thrives inside of. Their overall sound actually reminds me of SEPTICFLESH, but even more dense, as in inescapable darkness. It wouldn’t be doom without the bass throwing out slab of concrete, which Andre is more than happy to provide.  What if a black hole appeared near Earth and slowly sucked us up while crushing the very existence out of the planet?  Something like that might be as catastrophic as the bass on this album. The other half of the rhythm section is Anders who provides a rock solid drum experience.  He is heavy handed but not over bearing—the man is there to hold up the entire operation yet he compliments them all.

Thomas’ guitars are unique in doom—they are appropriately, ridiculously heavy yet their tone is razor sharp, clear, and in the mix perfectly.  Doom doesn’t always have to be muddy or even grooved to provide the expected experience. This is crunchy, and sometimes even mid paced, doom guitar and it sounds incredible. Goran’s vocals are just as crushing—he can get very deep yet still sounds loud and throaty.  A mighty, roar indeed but he also has an evil and blackened spoken word voice that appeals to the music nicely.

The album begins with “Incursio,” and the guitars kind of radiate out and back again as the song gears up with the orchestrations. With a minute, the song is monolithic—music that beats you down yet towers above you.  The band finds themselves very effective in the mid portion when the riffs just sweltering the very air around them while the blackened, raspy vocals push it all forward while being backed by the symphonics. The title track is MASSIVE.  Ethereal and spooky keys open the song up before the guitar lets molten lava flow through the cracks.  The keys compliment the rhythm section then steal the show after the three minute mark for a darkly beautiful “quiet” section.  The next few minutes are bass heavy and focus on deep tones to get the message across but return to the distortion for the endgame of churning riffs and huge growls.

Archangel,” is definitely more straight forward with making the doom steam roll your face.  You think you know heavy?  Intense?  “Archangel” knows it better, I promise you.  The movement starting at the three minute mark is so underground and abrasive that it doesn’t even seem real. The final track, “Omnipotence,” is filled with crazy vocals and more clean tones and deep orchestrations that are just as dark as the doom. The song does a fine in job in displaying what the album is all about but the last couple minutes are oddly beautiful and emotional.  What a fucking song and a hell of an album closer.

All in all, I am impressed with this stunning debut album from such a young band.  What else can they do in the future? The sky seems the limit for them.  Doom on!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Incursio
2. Quietus
3. Ex Inferis
4. Sacrilegium
5. Archangel
6. Oblivion
7. Omnipotence
Andre Aaslie – Bass, Piano, Orchestrations
Thomas Angell – Guitars
Goran Setitus – Vocals
Anders Hoel - Drums
Record Label: Crime Records


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Edited 10 August 2022

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