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OmniKage - Acceptance

by Craig “Thrashing” Rider at 07 August 2016, 6:49 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! The Thrasher returns to give you an insight; this time, on the Hardcore, Nu-Metal quintet…OMNIKAGE, signed via Art Gates Records - on their debut album entitled: “Acceptance”.

I bring to you: SLIPKNOT-light…or heavier…but that's for the judges to decide upon. What we have here is a quartet who play in many differentiates to their music; Nu Metal I believe, is their main objective, as I hear an abundant amount of SLIPKNOT similarities including vocals, and all instrumentals…the only indifference is lack of masks and clothing. Their influences are clear; old school Thrash and Death Metal are uniquely embittered within this production, and of course Blues, Classical Heavy Metal vibes are notable. OMNIKAGE bring a violent slab of aggressive licks that tend to have this groovy montage to it; if you have any knowledge of SLIPKNOT intrigues then this here band will remind you of the obvious influence. The band incorporates a mix of anger, frustration, hope, love, power and freedom within the 5 member's lively hood. On a Sunday afternoon in 2009, the band was created, whilst in discussion…

We are dealing with a fearsome bunch… This 5-piece band including The Monk on vocals; whose cords mix with Corey Taylor embodiments, but almost evolute and expand his intention to being his own version of Corey, and yet evolving into an almost original spectrum that makes his vocal fluent and obvious to that of the one and only. Dego OKG on lead guitar, and Marcus Weylyn on the rhythm…pummel earholes with groovy and immeasurable riffs that are yet another clear indication of the SLIPKNOT influence…but once again, originate into their own identity. The powerhouse of Dominick Sawyer on bass and Ian Torrance on drums and electronics (which adds nice atmospheric value and unique implementations) keep the sound production adequate and brutal as they possibly can. All members and all songs concluded in me evaluating that this band is most definitely true to the Hardcore genre.

Acceptance” has 15 lengthy songs that justifies any price you'd pay for the album, and yet entertain you with an almost hour long chaotic killer. The Intro spices up for what's in store until the pummeling begins with “Good Morning Paranoia”, and almost instantly confirms the obvious influence while adding an abundant amount of originalities in the mix. “Better Way”, “Ego-Speak”, and “Reflections” have this concept of bitter emotion with fulfilling instrumentals, making this record an explicit form of enlightenment and drama. While granted, the emotional segments can be off putting…of course…there's still a lot more brutality to indulge yourself in. Having a unique twist that blends into their own identities…”Wrong Side”, “Omnikage” and “Unredemption Song” example in a dark tone of dexterity and complexity that fruits on some enjoyable musicianship.

Dissapeared”, “Error Code 6.11” and “J.W.G.” take a break from the atmospherics but keeping them in-check for measure; while pummeling more juicy kicks for more fulfilling entertainment. “Acceptance” ended up being a succulent slab of hard Metal, while fusing all elements Metal has to offer. “Revelation”, “Hate Corporate” and “Terrible Experience” showcased that OMNIKAGE did not want to stop experimenting their steel, distributing more carnage, and energy for your listening pleasure. While I didn't want to keep on mentioning SLIPKNOT over and over…the similarities are profound easily; in which compelled me to explain this stature. This is a record that will be accepted by Nu-Metal fanatics however, and will easily see where I'm coming from here. In conclusion… Take the plunge - take the leap… If you are interested in some powerful licks, and atmospherics…you'll most definitely commend this one.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Originality: 7
Sound Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Good Morning Paranoia
3. Better Way
4. Ego-Speak
5. Reflections
6. Wrong Side
7. Omnikage
8. Unredemption Song
9. Dissapeared
10. Error Code 6.11
11. J.W.G.
12. Revelation
13. Hate Corporate
14. Terrible Experience
15. Outro
The Monk - Vocals
Dego OKG - Lead Guitar
Marcus Weylyn - Rhythm Guitar
Dominick Sawyer - Bass
Ian Torrance - Drum and Electronics
Record Label: Art Gates Records


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