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Omnium Gatherum - Beyond Award winner

Omnium Gatherum
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 28 January 2013, 6:10 PM

The long lost sons of the ice cold river, the shivering children of the frost, so they remain passionate to spread their word of the meaning of existence, share it across the land. After ten years the self-appointed truth still sounds richer, fluent yet broadened and even more diverse than ever. I have missed the Finnish OMNIUM GATHERUM, even if it was for only two years since their last release, but in comparison to other great bands that I have been expecting to hear from them, I remained silent in order to keep myself when it comes to this here band. And now their new willpower came over me, taking over my spirit, battling between serenity and awakening my inner demons. For some time this band has been leaving the realms of Swedish melodic Death Metal into their own distinctive manner of Death and Doom distributed with plenty of melodies and cascading harmonies that resembles their noteworthy compatriots as AMORPHIS, early SENTENCED, INSOMNIUM and SWALLOW THE SUN, but this time with the emergence of their new album, which abides the name “Beyond”, again via Lifeforce Records, marking ten years since their debut release, OMNIUM GATHERUM came out in style, a bit progressed, fathomless, but still savoring the same flow as in the past with an impressive cutting edge, neck through melodic Death Metal with an amazing production (Once again partially handled by Dan Swano).

I have to be honest that I didn’t know what to expect. Yet I had that tingling feel that what I was about to hear would be slightly different than what I was already used to out of this band. Two years ago it was “New World Shadows” that opened up my eyes to the bank of possibilities of what the future holds and how I can shape my own destiny with every blink of an eye. I might went too far there but that spiritual intensity just seemed to dwell deep building colonies on my soul. With “Beyond” I felt that acuteness became tenacious yet ordained by structures filled both with sheer bliss along with vehement powers coming together at each swing. OMNIUM GATHERUM with “Beyond”, though delivering heavier and sturdier outputs, in comparison to the prominence of “New World Shadows”, I gathered that “Beyond” turned out way more ethereal but still techier and somewhat articulate than his previous contender. The band’s melodic edge just flew like a tornado all throughout the album spreading like a disease, feasting on the tenderness of the listening ears. Might sound a bit gross but it is a musical event on its own. Both guitarist display high octane abilities great electric and acoustic melodic features that aren’t too common for melodic Death Metal and reach, as the album suggests, far beyond. Such an amazing atmosphere, a dream state nonetheless. I might also mention the vocals. Though I found it at first a rather awkward listening to those low end grunts, other than the more or less clearer growl performances on the previous album (maybe due to the production values) along with Dan Swano’s guest clean vocal showcase, it actually seemed suitable for songs state of affairs. Stuffed with emotions, this vocalist delivered a wonderful performance with a kind of melancholic attitude.

In general, OMNIUM GATHERUM seemed to have desired to be taken off the list of the common melodic Death Metal outputs into a new dominion of their own creativeness. Not that they really did because they aren’t the first band to upgrade the efforts of the old 90s Swedish scene, but their collective efforts made clear cut compositions with invaluable variations that would shape their next move. I enjoyed the snappy “The Sonic Sign” with full throttle pace devouring with its great melodic main riff, “Who Could Say”, the first time where there are blurred clean vocals, a true emotive track breaking the chains of misery, “White Palace” showcases an epic song with a blazing displaying of guitaring, and vocal performance, along with the band’s common greyish aura, “New Dynamic” sweeping away with richness of the melodic guitars to the side of the heavy chugged riffing and blasting rhythms and finally the intro that entered me into the mysterious endless void which is OMNIUM GATHERUM, “Luoto”. There something far beyond, out there in the cold horizon, maybe you would be able to distinguish its call. So go take a swim in the river of the lost.

4 Star Rating

1. Luoto (Intro)
2. New Dynamic
3. In the Rim
4. Nightwalkers
5. Formidable
6. The Sonic Sign
7. Who Could Say
8. The Unknowing
9. Living in Me
10. White Palace
Markus Vanhala - Guitar
Jukka Pelkonen - Vocals
Jarmo Pikka - Drums
Aapo Koivisto - Keyboards
Joonas Koto – Guitar
Erkki Silvennoinen - Bass
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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