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Omnium Gatherum - New World Shadows (CD) Award winner

Omnium Gatherum
New World Shadows
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 09 January 2011, 6:01 PM

At first I thought I was going to stumble on another modern Melodic Death Metal album, the Swedish kind if you know what I mean, while not finding anything exciting because almost everyone are taking their credits from the creators. OMNIUM GATHERUM, followed by their new album "New World Shadows", under their new label Lifeforce Records, proved to me that there is another life beyond the Gothenburg extreme melodies. Excellently produced by the most suitable person for their style, Dan Swano, which also participated in some of the album's songs, "New World Shadows" elevated the likes of OMNIUM GATHERUM to a new level.

To put the cards on the table, this Finnish band is influenced by Gothenburg Death Metal, however, their new album suggested that this influence is only partial. Unlike the hooks of IN FLAMES orDARK TRANQUILITY, and I am talking about their classic years, there is no warmth in OMNIUM GATHERUM. It is like the latter made a extreme built being structured by the current AMORPHIS's talent molded with the kind of bands as the Italian veterans, NOVEMBRE and of course the Gothenburg Death Metal. In the bottom line, it is something progressive, diverse and let's not forget, extreme. What I found most impressive works within the band's music on "New World Shadows" first is the aura and second is the guitar / bass works by Markus Vanhala and Toni Maki. Other good aspects as the vocals, beats and such were pretty regular for me even if those were shaped to be perfect.

The atmosphere of the album is something else. When the first riff of the opening "Everfields" was played, there was no escape from the coldness and when the lead guitar started perusing the mind, I nearly sunk. In general, that was pretty much the overall listening roll. The most high quality material that I encountered were tracks as "New World Shadows" and "Soul Journeys". The latter stroke me down with amazing riffages, some of them weren't even connected to Death Metal at all, at least not the way it is widely known. Moreover, the short guest clean vocals bursts of Dan Swano were excellent, he is a fine vocalist. Other amazing outcomes that fulfilled the mentioned valuable aspects of this release were the charging "Ego", "An Infinite Mind", "Nova Flame" and the inspiring instrumental "Watcher Of The Skies". Those tracks, while including the others as well as they were also good works, are a great display of progression.

Although I suspected that much, OMNIUM GATHERUM kind of took me by surprise. As one of the first blows for 2011, "New World Shadows" is a spectacular showcase of talent and diversity. These guys seemed to try escaping the Gothenburg imagery. Their splendid efforts on this new album show that evolving of this extreme sub-genre has its better sides. Although old school is my direction, I have to recommend this release. It is a different point of view and it is hard not to follow it and take interest. Check this one out!

4 Star Rating

1. Everfields
2. Ego
3. New World Shadows
4. Soul Journeys
5. Nova Flame
6. An Infinite Mind
7. Watcher Of The Skies
8. The Distance
9. Deep Cold
Jukka Pelkonen - Vocals
Markus Vanhala - Guitar
Toni Maki - Bass
Jarmo Pikka - Drums
Aapo Koivisto - Keyboards
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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