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Omniversum - Demigods

by Amanda Rulton at 06 December 2014, 10:23 PM

OMNIVERSUM are something anyone can listen to; the techno sound within their band make them very easy on the ears. In time I feel a wider variety of people will grow to appreciate their music. The Finish band, consisting of six members, formed in 2010. They are a Progressive Metal Band, however they have so much going on it is very hard to place them into a single genre.

Every single one of the band contributed to this EP in one way or another, as per example, their vocalist designed their cover art, whilst their guitarist Jani Snellman composed all of the music. The cover art is very bold; it has a lot of colors involved and will certainly catch your eye if you’re just browsing. It has so much going on that it is very hard to take in, but is definitely a bold statement put forward by Tomas Ahlroos. I think the cover art may actually be louder than the entire album, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Despite this EP not being exceptionally heavy I do feel it is very well thought out, well written and put together nicely. This band have excelled themselves and although I’m not sure what this band has in store for us in the future, if it’s as good as this they will not be overlooked.

The music on this album has done the band and all of their hard work justice, and as I have previously stated, I feel it will open the band up to a wider crowd of people due to their unique techno sound. Of course their sound is not for everyone but I do think they will have a lot of fans in the near future. The names to their tracks did give me a slight giggle when I first looked over the EP, especially track 4, “The Ballroom Butcher”. All of the tracks follow a pattern of having some form of chant within their music; all of the lyrics however are something completely different.

Memories Past” is, I feel, the most emotive track on this album. The lyrics are very emotional, and each of their tracks tells a sort of story. This track is especially sad, and as I read over the lyrics, I was very excited. Great bands have the power to make you feel something through their music and OMNIVERSUM do this over and over again.
The album ”Demigods” is out now and available to download on their website. This album is worth a listen and I feel this band are going to do amazingly in the future, especially if they keep coming back with albums like this. As they are new to the world of metal their talents as yet have gone unnoticed but I feel this album shows just a snippet of the talent this band possesses.

3 Star Rating

1. Demigods
2. The Tomb
3. This Pain
4. The Ballroom Butcher
5. Dance With Your Demons
6. Memories Past
Jani Snellman - Guitar
Hudson Guedes - Keyboards
Tomas Ahlroos - Vocals
Henri Karjalainen - Bass
Markus Tikkanen - Drums
Mika Tikkanen - Guitar
Henri Karjalainen - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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