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On Broken Wings - Going Down (CD)

On Broken Wings
Going Down
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 15 July 2007, 10:17 PM

Hmmm, one more label that I didn't know, something that means one more new world to explore. The combination of one unknown label and one unknown band (unknown to me of course) is a really tempting thing. Searching, listening to new stuff and in the end concluding to the value of this experience.

ON BROKEN WINGS hail from Massachusetts, USA. They debuted with the demo Number One Beautiful, which was released in 2002. This demo helped them sign a contract with Eulogy Recordings, where they issued their debut full-length album Some Of Us May Never See The World (2003). After many live appearances and tours with bands like SWORN ENEMY and ION DISSONANCE, the band is here for one more time, to release its second album, entitled Going Down.

The A Team Distribution logo on the back of the album made one thing clear, that this is a Hardcore band or something pretty close to Hardcore music. I guess this wasn't far from truth. ON BROKEN WINGS play a mixture of Hardcore and Death Metal, enriched with some backing melodic vocals. Someone could call what they play Metalcore, but this is not exactly what it is. It is not so melodic and there are times that the band draws some slight influences from bands like EVERY TIME I DIE. Even though behind every riff there is some melody, the band is mostly based on aggression and brutality, something that makes them avoid the shitcore trap. What seems a bit annoying is that even if someone could be tempted by the composing skills of these guys, the production is burying the album. The sound reminds of a demo recording at times and the guitars are as if they are coming out of a laptop's speakers. Definitely not one of the best productions I have ever heard.

All in all, Going Down is an album that didn't manage to attract my attention even for a second. Not bad, but could definitely be much better. These guys seem to have the talent to create something more decent, so I will wait for a future release. As for fans of this kind of music, I think that they may like it. Give it a chance, you may be surprised.

3 Star Rating

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Jonathan Blake - Vocals
Burke Medeiros - Guitar
Mike McMillen - Guitar
Jerome McBride - Bass
Kevin Garvin - Drums
Record Label: Eulogy Recordings


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