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Ondfødt - Hexkonst Award winner

by Daniel Fox at 01 August 2014, 11:13 PM

2014 seems to be an eventful year for Immortal Frost Productions, with new releases by WELTSCHMERZ and now ONDFØDT, their debut album, "Hexkonst" off the press. First impressions give it away as a Black Metal piece with a few Thrash sensibilities and various eccentricities.

"Blodspill" is the first smattering of bleak blackness we find on the record. It opens with a followable, almost groove-based series of followable riffs, made up of almost comical chord progressions, evoking early DIMMU BORGIR and IMMORTAL. It picks up in pace at surprising times, assaulting us with well-deserved firings of blast beats and brutal riffs. "Kristi Fanskap" is an interesting track, at best. The riffs are suitable catchy, (the only kind of catchy Black Metal is capable of), and are definitely sufficiently heavy, but the vocals are what shocked me; alas, perhaps that was the point. Nearly all of the deliveries consist of nonsensical screeches. Not grim and frostbitten shrieks; screeches. Listen, and you shall understand.

The title track is exactly the kind of material I had been waiting for; unforgiving in it's riff delivery, which is tight and carries a blistering, yet eerie melody with it; following an especially cold and dark intro, of course. Halfway through the track embarks on a U-turn, solemnly shambling at a dirge-like pace, which manages to slowly drag itself above the depths to a rickety, drowning, wall of sound. "Midvintermarsch" carried this traditional Black Metal mantra. On this track, the mixing of the album truly shines; if a raw, totally underproduced sound is what you'd prefer, cease listening. What is to follow is an exquisitely crisp blend of timbres, and a thick, rumbling low-end with sparking treble registers in the bass that cuts through every riff.

One of the stronger Black Metal releases this year, complete with oddities that will either attract or vehemently turn off listeners; one of the things I admire most about the genre.

4 Star Rating

1. Ur Djävulens Kittel
2. Blodspill
3. Faensgyte
4. Kristi Fanskap
5. Gigantenes Vral
6. Hexkonst
7. Verlden Er Min Slakteri
8. Midvintermarsch
9. Sorgens Skyar
Ower Inborr – Vocals
Mikael Kåll  - Guitars
Philip Kerbs – Guitars
Dario Vujosevic – Bass
Jari Isohella – Drums
Record Label: Immortal Frost Productions


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