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One Eyed Doll – Witches Award winner

One Eyed Doll
by Jessica Harman at 11 June 2015, 6:33 PM

In 2006, ONE EYED DOLL was born in the USA. Up until they signed with Standby Records, the band released all their work in a Do It Yourself method. They wrote, recorded, produced and distributed everything on their own. They have had a rapidly growing fan base since their inception. They are back with their latest release, released in March of 2015, “Witches”.

Witches” is a concept album written about the historical research of the Salem Witch Trails and Hysteria in early America. “Many of the lyrics are direct quotes from the original handwritten witch trial court documents. The songs explore different personal accounts from real people and touches on theories about why it happened. It's meant to be listened to in one sitting, from beginning to end..”. ONE EYED DOLL also has stated that while this album is one of their hardest releases, the entire thing was written almost entirely on a mandolin and banjo. Some pretty interesting back information on this album. “Witches” comes in with eleven tracks and a listening time of about 43 minutes.

Witches” starts of with a softly spoken, yet powerful monologue that quickly turns into a scream fest that introduces the album perfectly. As if demons are attacking the people of Salem or a darkness overcoming the people turning them. Track one “Embers” transitions into a much softer track “Prayer”. This track is much more acoustic giving life to a saddened state of affairs.

Track three “Black in the Rye” is one of the more memorable tracks with deeper and heavier guitars, drums that are a heavier and a bit quicker, and vocals that range from her screams to her more angelic vocals.

My favorite track “A Rope for Mary” has such a softly induced intensity that saddens and entices the soul. Sang completely from her gut in her most ethereal performance on the album, she hits notes in this track that can rock even the most solid of hearts.

Other honorable mentions are “Witch Hunt”, “Sorrow”, and “The Ghosts of Gallows Hill”. All of which are beautifully written and have strong emotion. All great in their own right and deserve a listen.

This album is a harder Rock’n’Roll teetering on the edge of a Heavy Metal with an intense clean female vocal. The album being written for one of the many unpleasant moments of American history is inspiring to me and a bit sad, but the truth is the truth and being written almost 100% directly from documented reports, this album is intense with history and more so with anger and sadness. It’s all captured greatly in “Witches” and I encourage those who enjoy female vocals that are both angelic and a bit more hardcore to take a listen to the album and let the music speak.

4 Star Rating

1. Ember
2. Prayer
3. Black in the Rye
4. A Rope for Mary
5. More Weight
6. Remember
7. Witch Hunt
8. Stillness
9. Afflicted
10. Sorrow
11. The Ghosts of Gallows Hill
Kimberly Freeman – Vocals/Guitars
Jason Rufuss Sewell (aka Junior) – Drums
Record Label: Standby Records


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