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One Last Legacy – II

One Last Legacy
by Erik Aikos at 28 November 2018, 1:05 PM

So, ironic as it is, that my last ever review for this website is for a band called ONE LAST LEGACY. It's been a decent run, but things gotta end. Speaking of things coming to an end, I really appreciated the fact that finally, after listening to almost a dozen of generic 1 hour records, it’s really refreshing to listen to a band that knows it’s capabilities and limitations, and is self-aware enough to not make an album more than 1 hour long when they barely have any songwriting experience or creative talent.

As for the music itself from our German friends, it’s basic Heavy Metal with a modern edge. Quite keen on catchy choruses and clean vocals, as well as not too complicated in structure or really mind-blowing innovations to the world of combining sounds into something people listen to for enjoyment (aka music). There’s a clean-ish intro track that leads into a more heavy overall record, then it slows down a bit on "Private Hell”. Then you get the closer, "Collapse”. Can’t get much simpler than that. But to tell the truth, it’s hard to be mad at, or hate on this LP or band, since I’m like 99% sure they’re just random guys who didn’t study music theory for decades who just want to have fun and please their local fans. I can respect that.

This kind of approach to metal music isn’t really my cup of tea (it is in rap/hip-hop), I like my metal with serious conception, writing and executing, but I can wholeheartedly understand people who just like to have something new to headbang too once in a while. So verdict: check it out if you just want to have something in your car to listen to or you like a bit more heavier metal for background music, but if you’re like me and prefer more carefully crafted heavy music, I advise you to avoid "II”.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 5
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Incoming
2. Torn
3. Resurrection
4. You Failed
5. Release The Kraken
6. Assert A Claim
7. Private Hell
8. Collapse
Toby – Vocals
Szecho – Guitars
Tim – Guitars
Tommy – Bass
Silas – Drums
Record Label: Black Sunset/MDD Records


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