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One Last Shot - First Gear

One Last Shot
First Gear
by MarcusTheRocker at 24 January 2015, 2:20 PM

Last year I received a lot of music that had some weird genres attached to it and there were some which went down well with me, but there were some where I was so baffled at how bad it was, it was almost funny at how much my ears couldn't believe what they were listening to. 2015 is probably going to be more of the same so all I can say is, bring it on, as I am ready to see what is out there for me and my ears to hear.

Speaking of weird genres, the band featured in this review are a quintet of Dust Metal, yes you heard me right, Dust Metal rockers from Paris, France called ONE LAST SHOT and last month they released their debut release which is a five song EP called “First Gear”. I couldn’t find much information on the band so I’m going to dive straight into the review.

At first glance, the right recipe is there despite the weird genre name, as the music is pretty much what you get from a normal Rock or Metal CD, as it’s heavy, fast, aggressive and loud, which is exactly how I like it and the music is well mixed too so it’s nice and clear which again I do like and if I’m honest, the music is the only thing I like, as the moment the vocals kick in, I try to shut them out and just focus on the music. Why? The vocals let it down for me, as they are too shouty, too growly and too aggressive and, as a result, it spoils things a bit as the performance is not that great and most of the time you cannot understand a single word of what is being said unless you refer to the lyrics so you can read what is trying to be sung.

Overall verdict now and I apologize for the short review but not being able to find anything about the band or being able to find that much to say is a factor in this so I’ll quickly sum it up by saying that I like the music on this EP from ONE LAST SHOT, but I’m not that keen on the vocals as personally, it spoils it for me as the potential and indeed the right ingredients are there but the vocals do let it down somewhat.

3 Star Rating

1. Brawler
2. Skateboard Song
3. G.A.S.
4. Headbangers
5. Prophesick
Sky - Vocal
Shelby - Guitar
Scarsid - Guitar
Void - Bass
Kmy - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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