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One Last Shot - Bastards Of The Plague Award winner

One Last Shot
Bastards Of The Plague
by David "Capt. Fury" Garlow at 12 February 2014, 11:32 PM

Let us explore the rapid-fire crush of sound that is “One Last Shot” from Syracuse, New York, USA.

What struck me immediately was the bands wide sound and up-tempo flair to really take the listener on a ride. Their 12-song CD was released around Halloween 2013 and was recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced by local wiz-bang Steve Sopchak at The Square Studio in downtown Syracuse. Check them out right here:

The CD entitled “Bastards Of The Plague” ignites with the intro “The Bastards” which for a 53 second intro has all the gun powder needed for a full fledged song unto itself. It is followed by the impressive “Ghost In Snow” that as I listened I feel some hardcore and punk strains and had the volume rising on my speakers. “Wolves Skin” hooked my in the throat with a steady does of aggression and vibe that would have had Beavis & Butthead slam dancing, but then “Bring Out The Dead” hit my speakers and it was this song alone that had me abusing my speakers and shaking the windows. This is the song that you envision 50,000 people moving as one to as the band causes rips in the earth underneath them. These guys bring fury and thunder to the listener that is infectious.

Bury The Legend” brings screams, power and features William Control of AIDEN. I cannot think of any other metal bands around here that record a 12-song CD and bring along friends too. That is cool and the song was worth hitting replay a few times. “Hell’s Empty” is the halfway down that road full of the walking dead and should be played on 10 as you slice walkers heads. “Words In Throats” starts with aggression and has some of that early-thrash drum and bass work, fast and furious. “A Lizard In Brenda” is the second song with a guest appearance, this time with Matt Good of FROM FIRST TO LAST and offers more of that groove-feel with aggression in spades but also has some melodic singing so it truly is an around the world journey of sound.

These people epitomize what the new generation is getting known for in music and are also very worthy nominees for the SAMMY Award in Best Metal, the SAMMYs are the Syracuse Area Music Awards. There are wicked trips in every song, talented work by the band all around, and a must own for everyone. I look forward to seeing them destroy a stage soon and maybe The Sammy stage would be a great place to Thrash.

4 Star Rating

1. The Bastards (Intro)
2. Ghosts In Snow
3. Wolves Skin
4. Bring Out The Dead
5. Bury A Legend (Feat William Control of Aiden)
6. Hell's Empty
7. Words In Throats
8. A Lizard In Brenda (Feat Matt Good of From First To Last)
9. Neon Gods
10. Lived In Shadows
11. Perversions May Vary
12. They Call Me "The Devil"
Dave - Vocals
Rikki – Guitars
Angelo – Guitars
Adam - Bass
Jeremy - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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