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One Morning Left - Metalcore Superstars

One Morning Left
Metalcore Superstars
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 15 July 2016, 7:10 AM

Since Metalcore arose with names as KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and others, the Metal world was not the same. That' because a whole new generation came to play the style, and let me tell you: there is nothing more boring than a trend in Metal! Yes, because a tendency is a disgusting thing. Imagine ten bands of a same style coming at the same time to you. The first ones you'll hear with attention, but at a point, it all becomes boring to death. As to separate the good from the bad ones on these times is really a hard trial. But there are times when a different band appears. A band as the Finnish quintet ONE MORNING LEFT that is releasing their new work, "Metalcore Superstars". What makes their music different? Simple: it's funny.

Yes, it's truly funny and a non pretentious way of playing the style. This is what really makes the difference. In the middle of brutal vocals contrasting with clean ones, and very good backing vocals (that can be an heritance from Hardcore/Crossover influence), dirty and nasty guitars and a solid and technical rhythmic session, there are moments when Industrial Metal influence becomes clear, and it makes their music sound so good to us. The short duration of the songs helps a lot as well. The sound quality is very good, keeping the band's music abrasive and heavy, but there's a sense of sound clarity that makes us all understand what they are doing with their musical instruments, and even what they want to do.

Their finest moments: the nasty and melodic work heard on "OML_KVLT" (very good vocals and technical guitars), the accessible and funny ones "Heavy Metal Finland" (with the presence of excellent electronic effects, along with a heavy and melodic chorus) and "¡Derailed!" (this one a bit more aggressive than the previous one, with fine guitars again), the excellent melodic chorus presented on "Kings and Queens", along with its very good vocals works; the brutal and truly nasty "Fast and Furious 6.66" (maybe the song's name inspired them), the technical and brutally melodic "Metalcore Superstars" with its very good work on bass guitar and drums, along with fine backing vocals. These guys have guts, and hope they'll have a good future.

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

2. Heavy Metal Finland
3. ¡Derailed!
4. You're Dead! Let's Disco!
5. The Recipe
6. Kings and Queens
7. Fast and Furious 6.66
8. Devil's Nest
9. Metalcore Superstars
10. Eternity
11. Sticks and Stones
Mika "Miksu" Lahti - Vocals
Leevi "Vichy" Luoto - Guitars, vocals
Ari "Arska" Levola - Guitars
Veli-Matti "Vesku" Kananen - Bass, programming
Niko "Drum Inc" Hyttinen - Drums
Record Label: Imminence Records


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