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One Morning Left - Hyperactive Award winner

One Morning Left
by Djenty Djessica Schiefelbein at 22 July 2021, 10:47 PM

When I saw that I was reviewing ONE MORNING LEFT's fourth album “Hyperactive” I was less than enthusiastic, since I am not really in the 80s direction. Therefore, I readied my bag of complaints and insults and grabbed my notebook and pen.

Dabbling in the realms of music that I do, I was, of course, previously unfamiliar with this particular band and was caught a bit off guard by their overt silliness. I absolutely love silliness and so gave a mighty chuckle when I saw the track titles. Even still, I met the opening tracks with my usual hardness and a raised eyebrow. But as it went, it blasted its catchy- ass way straight into my brain. I found myself loving it!

When I heard “Sinners are Winners” my heart melted the rest of the way. It's fun, ridiculously energetic, catchy, Zazzy, and still Heavy as Hell. This track is an instant classic. I'm definitely going to be cranking this one and singing my little heart out. I'm drowning my sorrows in this freaking track! If you live anywhere near me, you’ve probably already caught me driving around, blasting “Downfall" at top volume and headbanging like a demon. I mean, I’m kind of hard to miss. Is there a word for that supremely beautiful moment when you hear new music and it blossoms in your soul as though it’s been there since the dawn of Time and you have always known it? Like it’s a part of you now and always will be; inseparable from the music of your very Being? Well…. IS THERE? Because if there is, I need someone to please tell me this word so I may appropriately describe my experience with, among a few choice others, ONE MORNING LEFT.

Overall, I was completely caught off guard by this album. It blew me away. These guys are incredible! They have made an upbeat sound for the Heavy person. A heavy sound for the Upbeat person? Both. Not only do these guys have Talent and so much Zazz they could bottle and sell it, they’re heavy as hell and still manage to have mass appeal with their catchy silliness. You, get this album! It's awesome to the max.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Ruby Dragon
2. Neon Highway
3. Sinners are Winners
4. Drowned God
6. Live, Laugh, Love
7. Ruthless Resistance
8. Downfall
9. Worry Less, Dance More
10. Hyperactive
Mika Lahti - Lead Vocals
Leevi Luoto - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Touko Keippilä - Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Miska Sipiläinen - Bass & Backing Vocals
Niko Hyttinen – Drums
Tuukka Ojansivu - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Record Label: Arising Empire


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Edited 24 September 2021

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