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One Step From The Edge – The Deafening Silence

One Step From The Edge
The Deafening Silence
by Joseph Hausmann at 24 May 2020, 12:01 PM

Greek metallers, ONE STEP FROM THE EDGE, have released their second full-length album, "The Deafening Silence" in March of 2020. The various blends of genres have given the band a very unique sound since their inception in 2016. Mixing elements of Thrash, Metalcore, Groove and other Metal subgenres ONE STEP FROM THE EDGE pushes the boundaries of modern Metal culture. The heavy, groove-laden tracks paired with vicious gutturals and melodic cleans set this band apart from many others. Since 2016, the band has been on an absolute tear by producing two albums and relentlessly touring to make a name for themselves.

"Inside My Head" kicks the album off with an ominous and futuristic keyboard melody that builds into vicious gutturals and bludgeoning instrumentals. There are many layers to this track that add depth to the sound. The clean vocals on the entire album tinge more towards the Power Metal side but fit well against the heavy instrumentals. "Crushing Around You" throws us more into the traditional Thrash elements. A fast paced instrumental beatdown! The vocal work stays consistent through this track still giving that dichotomy of bright and dark tones. I was very intrigued by the drum work in this track. The versatility of Nick Stakas is insane. The ability to keep track of the time changes and then adding to the layers to give them that extra punch is remarkable. "Behind The Walls" gives us another futuristic keyboard melody, paired with some sliding guitar riffs before breaking into the clean vocal melody. The guitar riffs are intriguing for the fact that technique employed is not normally used making it a refreshing addition to the sound. Maria Mosxeta even adds some angelic vocal tones to give the track a bit of brightness in a rather dark sound.

"All I Need" shows off the heavier side of ONE STEP FROM THE EDGE. On this track, the band veers hard into the Metalcore sound even using the “bleh” vocal stylings that have become popular in the genre. The clean vocals are still on the Power Metal footing giving the track an interesting variation from the Metalcore genre. The instrumentals are ridiculous in this track. The guitar riffs change constantly adding a large form of complexity to the track and album. "Everywhere" sticks to this sound but adds more synths atop to keep adding variety to the album. The mid-range clean vocals fit perfectly with this track. That mid-level melody keeps the track moving and provides a foundation for the listener to hold onto. "Monster" uses an awesome audio element as the beginning melody switches back and forth between the headphones providing an odd sense of uneasiness. I really enjoyed this addition to the music, as it's not commonly used. The gutturals on this track felt a little out of place but all in all it's still a solid track and enjoyable.

ONE STEP FROM THE EDGE’s sophomore album "The Deafening Silence" is an awesome addition to the Metal community. The band has shown us with this album that the level of talent they have, not only musically but production-wise as well, is set at a very high bar. The transitioning of genres and blending of elements is superb and refreshing. There are so many elements in this album that the vast majority of Metal fans will enjoy thoroughly. As always there are more tracks on this album but go experience them for yourself. You will not be disappointed. I highly recommend this album!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Inside My Head
2. Crushing Around You
3. Believe
4. Behind The Walls
5. Monster
6. All I Need
7. Everywhere
8. Ashes
9. Three One Zero (Lines In The Sand)
10. Fog (Bonus Track)
Alex Seretis – Vocals
Bill Pappas – Guitars
Michael Mamakis – Guitars
Kostas Pourgiazis – Bass
Nick Stakas – Drums
Maria Mosxeta – Keys
Record Label: Independent


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