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One Ton Project – Gizzards & Hearts Award winner

One Ton Project
Gizzards & Hearts
by SamiiMittelstaedt at 11 August 2015, 2:00 AM

Bands like BLACK COUNTRY COMUNION, SUBLIME WITH ROME, JAMIROQUAI or GLENN HUGHES’s solo has many things in common. They considered timeless music. You can listen to them everywhere and it will sound modern. And it’s not the only thing who they’re in common. They usually put in their songs some Blues, Rhythm & Blues and Jazz flavors in it. And I’m here with ONE TON PROJECT’s first full-length called “Gizzards & Hearts” and I’m delighted with it! You can listened Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Rock of course, Rhythm & Blues and Progressive in their songs. This North American Power quintet had an album with much hooky songs but without losing the technical aspects. The most of tracks had more than 3 minutes, but you can listened the entire whole album without skip tracks.

The first track, “The Axeman” is a typical little sax solo you can find in some jazz songs. This song was written to the serial killer called “The Axeman From New Orleans”. The next, “Deathjazz” show a super song influenced with Travis Mercer singing bluesy and be shined by the brilliant solos by Brandon Desmond. The drums are a typical jazz improvisation. The next “The Difference” has a thick-sounding chorus and virtuous guitars and “Backlight” has influence with reggae on the guitars and the vocals are fabulous. “Right Thought Me” is influenced my JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE on the guitars and of course keeping with the bluesy vocals. And the songs keeping showing us the ingredients they used with a bit of Progressive Rock in others songs. Songs like “Brother”, “John the Clown” and “Cadence” makes you travel to 70’s.

“Gizzards & Hearts” is a must-have album you need to listen to all to delight with all the tracks. Believe in me, you will feel like you’re flying listening it. If you thought Rock is dead you need to listen ONE TON PROJECT.

5 Star Rating

1. The Axeman
2. Deathjazz
3. The Difference
4. Blacklight
5. Protagonist
6. Right Through Me
7. 6s & 7s
8. John The Clown
9. The Vineyard
10. Brother
11. Flight 13
12. Cadence
Travis Mercer – Lead vocals & Guitars
Brandon Desmond – Vocals & Guitars
Joe Munoz – Guitars
Adam Sage – Bass
Daniel Fuller – Vocals & Drums
Record Label: Battleground Records


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