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One-Way Mirror - Capture

One-Way Mirror
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 04 May 2015, 8:58 AM

One-Way Mirror is a Metal/Rock/Industrial band based out of France. The band has released two full-length albums to date, with “Capture” being their third, containing twelve tracks. “Stinkin’ of Gold” has a grungy, earthy quality, as it plods along in a mi-tempo pace with a lot of guttural soul. As with a lot of music in this style, it relies on a strong vocalist and this is no exception. There are even some harsh vocals now and then, giving the song a little more life. “Neglected Skies” hears the low drop-tuned riff style continue, designed to give it a heavy end bombast. In some ways I am reminded of the Danish band MERCENARY, especially with the harsh vocals, which are absolutely strong. They also do a good job with a nice, long and melodious chorus.

“Speculations” has an Alternative kind of quality to it, like something you might have heard in the early 1990s but with a grittier edge. It is especially sharp given the harsh vocal delivery in the verses. Though the melody shines brightly in “Warnings,” the cold, Industrial sounding riff during the verses keeps a steady attack, like a NINE INCH NAILS track. As far as capturing where aggression meets melody best, the track “Confusion Core” might be the best example on the album. I would use this as the selling song for the album. I like the way the bass guitar drives the riff in “Cliffs,” along with another drawn out chorus accentuating the sense of harmony on the album. The squealing guitar riff and chord progressions in “Screenshot” remind me of something that ZAKK WYLDE might have written, but the vocals in the verses more like RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE.

I think this is the attractive quality to this album as a whole. Though you can enjoy the music for exactly what it is, you can also detail a well-done blending of several different styles into their product. I suppose the band does not like auto-tuning, as evident in the track “Fuck You Autotune,” where the sentiment is carried out with anger and at high volume. “We Love to Complain” closes out the album, with a gritty and engaging riff, and anthem–like backing vocals. Symphonic elements briefly appear at just the right time, adding some depth to the track. Though this might not be the type of music I would necessarily seek out, I did find the album to my liking. The band has a very strong and honest energy to go along with the snarly and bossy quality of their sound. Like a muscle car hitting the open road, the ride is alluring as it is dangerous.

4 Star Rating

1. Stinkin’ of Gold
2. Neglected Skies
3. The Clock is Ticking
4. Speculations
5. Warnings
6. Confusion Core
7. Cliffs
8. Screenshot
9. Lady Marmalade
10. Fuck You Autotune
11. Tomorrow Comes Fast
12. We Love to Complain
Guillaume Bideau - Vocals
David Potvin - Guitar
Frank Potvin - Guitar
Clement Rouxel - Drums
Perdi - Bass
Record Label: Pavement Music


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