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One Foot In Fire - A Tribute To Cirith Ungol (CD)

One Foot In Fire
A Tribute To Cirith Ungol
by Grigoris Chronis at 02 May 2006, 12:19 AM

One of the most underrated bands of all time in the global history of Heavy Metal music. The definite love-'em-or-hate-'em band, the band with one of the most peculiar sounds ever to emerge in the last 35 years. This U.S. act approached the ideals of Metal music in the weirdest way, no questions asked. Ok, they didn't sell that much in the 80's but - in the end - who cares? Leave this to 'the truest' Metallica and let the Frost And Fire of this 'diamond' act burn inside of you forever and ever! Shit, this tribute CD has a very good reason for existence nowadays…
With less than ten years of 'official' career, counted via four full-length albums, Cirith Ungol (unofficially formed in California in the late 60's/early 70's (!) under the Titanic moniker) succeeded in becoming legends in the Epic Metal scene of America (and - later on - the whole world). Starting off with the unique voice of Tim Baker, carrying on to the inimitable songwriting craftsmanship to end it up with the bizarre Doom-based sound, albums like the legendary Frost And Fire (1981) debut or tunes like the immaculate Join The Legion tune will shine on forever in the hearts of metalheads who like to dig a little bit more further into the golden era of 80's Metal, trying to slightly detach themselves from the classic Maiden, Priest etc stuff.
A few words about this tribute CD itself: the Solemnity, Dawn Of Winter, Assedium and Battle Ram tunes stand a little bit taller than the remaining tracklist. And this is not due to some exclusive ability to 'attach' the Cirith Ungol blend in their playing. It seems quite hard for a band to come up with a brilliant Cirith Ungol cover. The originals demonstrate nothing like some exaggerated technique or a luminous sound. And that's the key point. CU's primitive, raw and disastrous 'aura' is their own property. Anyway, the pre-mentioned tunes are the most interesting in a dozen of - overall - 'honest' covers.
I was surprised to see monstrous cuts like Atom Smasher, I'm Alive, Master Of The Pit, Blood And Iron and The Troll not featured in this tribute CD, still all the ones honored are in a 'one of a kind' status. A rather noteworthy release from Solemnity Music (produced by Dragonight Agency's Bart Gabriel) that is also to be released in a limited picture disc vinyl issue (hail!). One Foot In Fire is a must for the CU fans and a good purchase for 'old' Epic metalheads in general. The 'rookies': try to see if you can stick with the sound first…

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Rotten (Holland) - Cirith Ungol Overture
Falcon (USA) - Shelob's Lair
Solemnity (Germany) - What Does It Take
Holy Martyr (Italy) - Frost And Fire
Dawn Of Winter (Germany) - Doomed Planet
Assedium (Italy) - Black Machine
Emerald (Switzerland) - Heaven Help Us
Monstrum (Poland) - Fallen Idols
Rosae Crucis (Italy) - Death Of The Sun
Battle Ram (Italy) - Join The Legion
Crystal Viper (Poland) & Elixir (UK) - Chaos Rising
Record Label: Solemnity Music


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