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One Without - Thoughts Of A Secluded Mind (CD)

One Without
Thoughts Of A Secluded Mind
by Dimitris Karametros at 27 October 2009, 11:03 PM

Um…what is this? Oh look it's a new band, 5 young people placed their creativity down and came up with a new music album, nice let's place it in the CD player and push play.
(after 10 minutes)
Um…Wait, wait, this is not a Metal album? Oh, I get it this is a joke from my fellow co-reviewers, because I told them I like MUSE.
ONE WITHOUT is a band from Gothenburg, Sweden that was formed in 2003 by guitar player Joonas Niskanen and Thoughts Of A Secluded Mind is their first album. According to their Myspace page the band is the result of taking Gothenburg Metal Sound and implement it into a fusion of Metal, Rock and Pop (Rev's note: POP?!!?), making the sound incomparable and fresh.
(after 20 minutes)
I was thinking of cheeseburgers, a new game I'd like to play on my PC and if the songs ever change, it's not that ONE WITHOUT play bad, on the contrary but they play much about the same thing, and Catrin is a good singer, a great vocal range, but if I wanted to listen to EVANESCENCE I'd kill a puppy and feel moody (Rev's note: I am a cat's person).
(after 40 minutes)
My hopes for a cheeseburger vanished as was my hopes that Thoughts Of A Secluded Mind would become more interesting, although I will definitely play that PC game. In the modern music industry finding a solid direction is the key to acquire success, also the ability to bring something new to music is also necessary because, even in Heavy Metal, there are thousand bands who wish the same thing to become known. You can't get away anymore with just being good; you have to be better that the one behind you and the one ahead of you. ONE WITHOUT are good but lack originality.
On the positive side ONE THOUGHT are gifted young people, they can deliver good music and you get the feeling that they like what they do, they just need to choose sides, either harden their sound or go the other way.

ONE THOUGHT are closer to this new wave of EVANESCENCE type of bands; they have a long way to go to actually become a part of Heavy Metal. As always I hope they will give us something more powerful in the future and good luck in their beginnings.

2 Star Rating

Your Game
Before We All
Withered Serenade
Reign With Hate
Reachable Existence
Once In Silence
Lost To Solitude
Bonus Track
Catrin Feymark - Vocals
Olle Topel - Drums
Kenny Boufadene - Guitars, Screams
Joonas Niskanen - Guitars
Kristofer Bergman - Bass
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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