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Onirophagus - Prehuman

by Yassine "SpiritCrusher" Mankai at 19 September 2013, 5:45 PM

After the EP "Defiler Of Hope" which received a good welcome from the fans of Doom / Death Metal, the Spanish band ONIROPHAGUS has announce the release of their first studio album by the end of this September. The Spanish band are known for a style of metal that looks very close to the group as MY DYING BRIDE, HYPOCRISY, or the first phase of existence of PARADISE LOST. This first album sounds very promoter.

The style played by ONIROPHAGUS experienced its golden age in the early 90s. And few groups have continued in this mysterious genre of Metal. Heavy tempos and ultra-brutal riffs characterize this album, also melodic and harmonic passages are a key element to complete the look of this band. But wait, this is a very general description that I gave up now take a listen to one album. But having listened to it again and deciphered all the tracks, I must admit this is a very rich album by the gross way that was made with and the use of the classic elements of Doom / Death while maintaining modern sounds of that genre.

Through the songs "Baikal", "Feverish" and "Nocebo" I noticed a progressive approach in most of the arrangements. A very heavy passage at the beginning of every song evolves to give way to more accelerated sentences. The influence of MY DYING BRIDE feels very present, but the Spanish musicians know well how to operate without falling into the copy and paste. "Aeger" is a track that marks the center of this album; a wonderful acoustic passage surprised me and hides behind the origins of the members of this band. All sounds are within an album marked by a remarkable art work which cannot truly reflect its name "Prehuman".

Doom / Death Metal is a style that remains untapped and it is hardly swallowed by Metal fans in general. So it is still difficult to produce a good album in this context, except ONIROPHAGUS that are there with a very good album with a well production.

3 Star Rating

1. Baikal
2. Discordia
3. Feverish
4. Aeger
5. Nocebo
6. Nyarlathotep
7. Ceremonial Swamp
Khrorum - Bass
Uretra - Drums
Moregod - Guitars
Ghorth - Guitars
Paingrinder - Vocals
Record Label: MDD Records / Xtreem Music


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