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Ontborg - Within the Depths of Oblivion

Within the Depths of Oblivion
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 25 June 2019, 6:52 PM

Now this is something that I can truly say that isn’t common in present times in Metal music. Such a musical entity that would dwell into the ferocious and raw, yet highly harmonic and melodically charming, momentum of Melodic Death Metal of the early to mid 90s. The majority of bands considered melodic extreme entrust their faith into a modernized kind of talk, gladly, the underground still has enough of the early visions to cast around. With that said, I got to know the Italian broods, ONTBORG, and their feverish notion of how frosty typed melodies should be tamed under the rule of Death Metal, all through their debut “Within the Depths of Oblivion”.

Ascending with an atmospheric chilling cloak, generated by blazing guitar melodies and often stormy rhythm section enslaving the whirlwind, “Within the Depths of Oblivion” is an answer to the contemporary perception, and constant evolution of this section of Death Metal. Early darkened echoes of DARK TRANQUILLITY, IN FLAMES, DISSECTION and AT THE GATES looming over the songwriting, attributing catchy sounds and a kind of flow that would enable the listener to become attached to the musical service piercing through his / her ears.

ONTBORG made the impression to put much attention to details, retracing the old Gothenburg song styles, punishing with mighty riffs while not letting of general haze of the music to slip through their nails. Furthermore, the album’s sound signature, which is Swedish no doubt, tending the patterns of DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED of the good ol’ days, however, not merely these legends as it is somewhat common for Death Metal bands nowadays as well.

Before being introduced to the album, I caught a glimpse of the band’s featured bandcamp song, the album’s title “Within The Depths Of Oblivion”. I didn’t care that there was no innovation in it, but rather a respect for the pioneer days, a sort of a tribute but with original material. I think that you know that it happens quite a lot since there is a large selection of bands. Anyway, the song’s simplicity, heaviness, captivating blackened vocals and melodies, made it happen for me. "This Time", which is also the band's official video, sinks knee deep into gloominess, feeling of dread, doomy riffery bestowed in a dying realm, a favorite of mine as well. Through songs such as “Snow Of Lethe” and “Entwined In Darkness”, I received a reminder of why I adore the unity between melody and extreme Metal, and why it is so important to keep the raw nature alive and breathing. “The Long Awaited Winter” ascertained the unification of a brutish demonic nature, blast beating to oblivion, some kindred of the second wave of Black Metal, made to near perfection.

With “Within the Depths of Oblivion” you are not looking for originality, no sir. However, you are a witness how this kind of blackened Death Metal should be tended and administered through the brainwaves. I sure hope that would keep the same standards on their next endeavors.

4 Star Rating

1. Living Is A Torture
2. Within The Depths Of Oblivion
3. Entwined In Darkness
4. A Storm Breaks The Silence
5. This Time
6. Die To Be Alive
7. Snow Of Lethe
8. No Memories Beyond
9. The Long Awaited Winter
10. Black Garden
Lukas Flarer - Vocals / Guitars
Florian Reiner - Guitars
Harald Klenk - Bass
Christoph Flarer - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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