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Onward - Evermoving (CD)

by Stathis Giannakopoulos at 15 February 2001, 8:28 PM

If I could describe this album with only a few words, these words would be: typical U.S.A. Heavy/Power Metal.
Many of you feel that you've had enough with the European Power Metal scene and I can't agree more with you. Many cover bands, lack of originality and some failed Italian musicians who think thay can change the Metal world (for whom does the bell toll? hehe).
Here things are a little bit different. Onward is a band deeply influenced by U.S. Power Metal of the 80's. Helstar for example must be one of the favorite bands of these guys. If you want a more recent example of a band that sounds like Onward (or better Onward sounds like the example of the band I'm going to say) that is Destiny's End.
First of all I have to say that all the guys are decent musicians. Toby Knapp is a great guitar player (in the 90's, Wyoming-based Knapp was better known as a guitar virtuoso, having been interviewed in Guitar World Magazine at the age of 18), and the others are above average too. The vocals are just not annoying (if I'm not mistaken their singer sings for a band called Legend Maker too). On the other hand if the production can't help you how the hell you can prove your abilities? I can't understand why the production is so average. Maybe they wanted to put an 80's feeling to the whole album with that. This album has a few good and catchy moments (Kindness Of Strangers and Onward), some good riffs/solos and some good ideas, I can't deny that for sure. I also can't deny that a few good moments is not a good reason to spend money. So if you ask me what you should do, here's my opinion..
We live in a Heavy Metal universe with so many bands around and sometimes when you have to write a review things become a bit strange. Onward is a nice band but something is missing. It's a good investment for those who are die-hard fans of U.S. Power Metal of the 80's but what about the others? The others should try listening to some stuff first and then decide if it's good or not for them. It's their debut anyway. Things can get better if they work and they add some personal touches to their music. The rate can change depending on your musical tastes.

3 Star Rating

The Kindness of Strangers
The Waterfall Enchantress
The Last Sunset
Absolution Mine
Witches Winter Eternal
Storm Coming Soon
The Lost Side Of The World
Toby Knapp - Guitars
Michael Grant - Vocals
Randy LaFrance - Bass
Jon Pereau - Drums
Record Label: Century Media Records


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