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Oomph! - Ritual

by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 15 March 2019, 6:46 AM

OOMPH! is a German rock band from Wolfsburg, formed in 1989. The band pioneered the German Metal (Neue Deutsche Härte) movement. Since the band's formation there have been no line-up changes, except for temporary personnel for live performances. They use lyrics in both English and German with a shift from mainly English songs to more German ones on recent albums with the exception of their recent Compilation albums, Delikatessen and Truth or Dare. (GlaubeLiebeTod, Monster, Des Wahnsinns fette Beute, XXV and Ritual are entirely in German).

"Ritual" is the 13th studio album by the German band OOMPH! This German industrial metal band is well-known for being a big inspiration for acts like RAMMSTEIN and EISBRECHER. The album has many highlights worthy of a mention. Dero’s skills as a vocalist, as well as his training in classical singing, are truly showcased on the album’s second track “Achtung! Achtung!”. Meanwhile, “Trümmerkinder” brings a dance-worthy, uptempo song to the plate, chock-full of staccato riffs and with a great marching beat.

Europa”, a song about current events and problems in entire  Europe, features a guest appearance by Chris Harms of LORD OF THE LOST. It is followed by the mean “In Namen des Vaters”, whose screaming vocals are somewhat reminiscent of MARILYN MANSON. Meanwhile, the appropriately titled “TRRR – FCKN – HTLR” touches on terror and  nationalism, both of which often take center stage in current events nowadays. It is followed by “Phönix aus der Asche”, a track that places some nice riffs side by side with a sing-along-worthy chorus.Great catchy one.

Lass’ die Beute frei”, one of the best songs on the album, features a bit of everything: powerful riffs, a rocking beat, and truly catchy singing – and screaming – on Dero’s part. This album isn’t all riffs and screaming, however; “Das Schweigen der Lämmer” is a smoother, more relaxed song, much like the final track “Seine Seele”, rounding off the album with a touch of piano. "Ritual" is filled with great energy and is more guitar filled then it's predecessors.They have a long time ago finished worrying about forming an entity worth listening to. They have fans worldwide and this new album will surely be the greatest answer to thirty fans. They have maturity, talent, great possession of their skills and…the sky is the limit. Also if you're new to them they have a lot of albums ranging from 1989 to now, so get yourself in!

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Tausend Mann und ein Befehl
2. Achtung! Achtung!
3. Kein Liebeslied
4. Trümmerkinder
5. Europa
6. In Namen des Vaters
7. Das Schweigen der Lämmer
9. Phönix aus der Asche
10. Lass' die Beute frei
11. Seine Seele
Crap - Guitars, Keyboards
Dero - Vocals, Drums
Flux - Guitars, Sampling
Record Label: Napalm Records


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