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Open Door of Doom - Open Door of Doom

Open Door of Doom
Open Door of Doom
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 30 March 2019, 7:32 AM

 In the middle of the chaos and misconceptions that reigns today, a question is inexorable: how must a classic genre sound? It’s just easy to be answered for each genre you can think of. In Doom Metal, for example, is the bitter ambiance using slower tempos and nasty guitars; the vocals can be lyrical or normal, in a way that BLACK SABBATH sounded on its earlier albums. So, there’s no need for debates. And bands like WITCHFINDER GENERAL, TROUBLE and PENTAGRAM are fine examples. And this classic view on Doom Metal permeates “Open Door of Doom”, the first release from the international project OPEN DOOR OF DOOM.

As the words above state clearly, the album presents to the listener a classic Doom Metal form, without trying to renew anything. The quartet music shows funereal ambiances with those slow-paced tempos that are usual, but always with a bitter touch of melancholy in the middle of massive heavy weight. The introspective melodies are not hard to be assimilated, and this album shows a band with personality, trying to do things on their own. And for this last reason, it’s truly good. The sound quality of “Open Door of Doom” is very good. It was conceived to be clean in the classic Doom Metal ways, so it bears that essential crude and oppressive touch as well. The instrumental tunes are the simplest the band could chose, because their songs need an organic ambiance, and it they got it.

“Buried Alive” is a long funeral procession (more than 13 minutes), with slow tempos and bitter guitars (the solo is melodic and melancholic). “Ode2m” has those clean and introspective parts that boost the darkened ambiance, with very good vocals (in some way, it reminds the singing way of Ozzy on his BLACK SABBATH days). Even with nasty instrumental tunes, “Deemed a Sinner” is a catchy song due its easy melodies, where bass guitar and drums are creating a brutal and solid rhythmic mass. And “These Confessions” shows a good heavy groove in the middle of the abrasive guitar riffs and nasty voices. It’s not the real thing and nothing new at all, but OPEN DOORS OF DOOM is the right band for those who love a classic approach on Doom Metal.

Originality: 6
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7


3 Star Rating

1. Buried Alive
2. Ode2m
3. Deemed a Sinner
4. These Confessions
Craig Osbourne - Vocals
Shayne Joseph - Guitars
Trevor Scott - Bass
Adam Holmes - Drums
Record Label: Loneravn Records


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