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Open Surgery - After Birth Abortion Award winner

Open Surgery
After Birth Abortion
by John Paul Romero at 14 January 2019, 4:49 AM

OPEN SURGERY is a death metal quartet from the world’s most metal country, the almighty lands of Sweden. The band was founded in Finspong back in 2012 and has released two successful albums “Experiments of Excessive Torture” and “Post Mortem Mutilation” in 2013 and 2016 respectively. Their 2018 release, “After Birth Abortion” is a six-track EP which also marks as their third overall product. The album was released December 17, 2018 via BVR Records.

Taking major influences from death metal titans like MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE, DEATH and OBITUARY, this ,material offers a 21-minute experience of sheer brutality and an unapologetic sonic assault. That’s right, this six-piece EP has a total playtime of 21 minutes with an average song length of 3 and a half minutes. That length makes the annihilation even more felt as every devastating song that opens strongly and ends with a catastrophe opens for yet another hurricane of violence.

The opener for the album “Hammer Justice” comes in in a very ruthless way with its short but sharp riffs and its machine-like blasting drums. The pinnacle of it all is the title track itself, “After Birth Abortion”. Being the shortest entry, it comes at you in a very straight forward manner. It is simply all-out attack right from the first note till the end. The vocal performance of the Master Surgeon is very surreal that the screams and the disemboweling growls sound like an angry grizzly bear-African lion hybrid on meth. The role of the bass is also big, providing a strong and solid backbone to their collective sound. If you want pure ultra-violence, “Reduced to Broth” will easily be your unmatched favorite. Everything about this song is simply put, violent – the riffs, the drums and the lyrics.

The EP leaned heavily in short-burst riffs and a consistently strong and aggressive drumming. Everything is executed in the most brutal way, including the solos which are also done mostly in a short burst Slayer type of a shreddy and razor sharp guitar solo. The vocal performance is outstanding right from the beginning till the dying notes, providing an undying energy to the songs. I tried so many times to look for a flaw, but I only found one, and really not a very serious or big one – the total playtime. 21 minutes is simply too short. Once I started to play it, I really can’t get enough of it – and it ended too soon. But you know, it’s just an EP and not a full-length album, that’s why 21 minutes in not a very big deal and it also will somehow remind you that what you have heard is not even in its final form.

This EP is highly recommended for every death metal fan out there. Once you hear it, I will not have to remind you to watch out for the full-length that could possibly come out shortly after!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 6
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Hammer Justice
2. Altars of Death
3. Decades of Extreme Confinement
4. After Birth Abortion
5. Reduced to Broth
6. Evil Possession
Master Surgeon – Guitars, Vocals
Grave Machine – Bass
Torch – Guitars
Apollo – Drums
Record Label: BVR Records


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