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Ophelia's Eye – Fight For Us

Ophelia's Eye
Fight For Us
by Ben Gardiner at 05 October 2021, 9:19 PM

Blistering Melodic Death Metal from Switzerland, OPHELIA’S EYE strives to make the listener loose grip on reality and become absorbed in the music. This is done through tasty riffs, hard hitting drums and vocals that tear through your skull. This short but sweet EP is relentless from the get-go.

Track One opens like a sucker punch to the face, no time is wasted before the spicey opening riff leads into the heavy tones and aggressive vocals that make this EP stand out. Bursts of double bass pedal will have you headbanging till you’re dizzy, At 1 minute 40 seconds in we have an instrumental break, where a melodious guitar line acting like the ferryman of the dead, leading us deeper into the descent of aggression, marked by a diabolical growl from Michel Egloff-Sieber, that sent chills down my spine. Between that and the deep roaring of the guitar tones, this first track is a powerhouse of an intro.

Speak Words of Destruction” starts off sounding very similar to the previous track, and the drums suffer from use of a very similar main beat, there’s even an instrumental break with dotted drum fills under a guitar riff in the same fashion as “Fight For Us.” The guitars utilise lots of melody, adopting much lighter less aggressive tones, but without these sections of guitar riffing with rolling bass drum, this song very much sounds like a rehash of the first, a filler track on an EP too short for it to go unnoticed.

The final track, “Ophelia's Eye” adds an unheard level of emotion in its opening riffs, creating a sombre atmosphere before emerging into an enjoyable mix of Hardcore and Death, think HATEBREED. Up beat guitar melodies accompanied by a simplistic but grooving drum beat, make up the majority of the first half of the song. Things get really good at the 2-minute 40 mark, where the drums drop down to just a thumping bass and the guitars build into a euphoric melody that deeply contrasts the bass line in a really nice way. An impressive vocal break and drum fill make for the Eps final and best breakdown, before the music fades away into silence.

Whilst being a good release, with plenty of enjoyable musical sections and clear demonstrations of proficiency in both song writing and instrumentation, the EP does feel lacking, acting as a good bassline for future releases from OPHELIA’S EYE.

Songwriting:  6
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  6
Production:  7

3 Star Rating

1. Fight For Us
2. Speak Words of Destruction
3. Ophelia's Eye
Michel Egloff-Sieber - Vocals
Marco Schweizer - Drums
Sandro Suter - Bass
Remo Lemp - Lead Guitar
Corinne Ryter - Rhythm Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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