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Ophydian - The Perfect Symbiosis (CD)

The Perfect Symbiosis
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 06 April 2007, 10:40 AM

A totally unknown band to me coming from a totally unknown label to me! What is it going to be this time? Some kind of Metalcore shit or some kind of stupid youngsters that are trying to do something that does not fit them? I know I am mean but while reading the booklet that was the only thought I had. Sorry but I have been bored of stuff like what I mentioned above.

So, OPHYDIAN is one more Italian band that I have to review. They were formed in 2000 and they had released three demo CD's before they managed to sign a contract with Dioxzion Records and release their debut album entitled The Perfect Symbiosis.

Even though I was right about the Metalcore pile of shit thing, I have a strong feeling that fans of the genre will find this album more than interesting. The band has every single element that characterizes the most famous Metalcore bands. Incredible production, heavy guitars, fast outbreaks, brutal and clean melodic vocals and every classic (how ironic) Metalcore element. I admit there were times I really liked these guys. Fuck, I am becoming immune to the Metalcore virus! Anyway, the brutal vocals are pretty good for the genre and the clean vocals are really great! The bass is fortunately something more than an accompanying instrument and along with the drums, it creates a fucking heavy and solid rhythm section. I do not have any more things to say about this album but it seems I may listen to it some times in the near future.

If you are into trendy Metalcore shit you will definitely like this album since there are times this band reminds of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE as well as some SHADOWS FALL stuff. That's all from me! One of the few bands from this scene that managed to convince me about their talent and ability to create something good.

3 Star Rating

One Second Emotion
Snake Eyes
Frozen Cries
The Beginning Of (Nothing)
Actors Of Nothing
Leads My Moves
Modulation Silence
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Gianlu - Vocals, Bass
Luca - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Marco - Guitar
Edo - Drums
Record Label: Dioxzion Records


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