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Opprobrium - Beyond The Unknown (Reissue)

Beyond The Unknown (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 25 May 2015, 10:54 AM

Up from the ashes and in the dark, a phoenix rising yet remaining under a blanket of discretion as something wicked awaits to hatch. When the Howards, two Brazilian brothers, decided to take a hiatus from their musical activities, only to find out that their chosen moniker was popular but not because of them. The story of INCUBUS, or since 1997 names OPPROBRIUM, better to bring disgrace upon others than on yourself I imagine. I will not dwell much in this history of this generated mid 80’s band, one that became a bit under the radar of extreme Metal fans, especially since there were others shadowing it. Nevertheless, there is the Polish label of Metal Mind Productions to enable old school and modern Metal fans alike to get themselves dirty by reissuing the sophomore album of the trio named “Beyond The Unknown”, originally released by Nuclear Blast Records back in 1990. Insanity reigns supreme as mania kick the door in to spread its vapor.

“Beyond The Unknown” was released in an area where superstars of the extreme began tantalizing their local scenes and beyond. There is a strong distinction between the album’s musicianship finesse and level of diversity between the unification of strong Metal forces such as SEPULTURA, SLAYER and DEATH. In matter of speaking, what I witnessed within “Beyond The Unknown” was total onslaught, a pure craze of manic riffery, sheer attacks of brutal speed and distraught vocals, as if the world was tumbling. Run through your mind this mixture of elite bands mentioned while even crossing the threshold to the technical measures of SADUS. The Howard brothers, each in his own instrument, provided a surprising effort that could have easily taken forward into the masses of fans if kept going forward beyond the release. Sadly it didn’t. Though Francis guitar wizardy was exponential, slicing with crispy riffs and brutal Hannemann type aching solos, his brother Moyses was out of this world, total chaotic warfare, dismantling the kit with his skin alive drumming technique. At times I nearly lost myself as the material took diversified turns that I needed to grip myself into the rhythm over and over.

Don’t rest yourself on catchiness, be aware of the extremity of their lyrics spewed out, know that they are brutal and on the offence at all times. OPPROBRIUM made everything possible for both Thrash and Death Metal find to have their way with a mighty command. There is no dull moment, no breath to spare just to listen carefully to the blood fest slithering into your ears. Sing the hymn of Death awakened with “Mortify”, immerse yourself in total burning heat heaviness that is “Freezing Torment”, right into the “Schizophrenia” era of SEPULTURA and itching the classic years of DEATH bearing sights into “The Deceived Ones” and of course chopping the crops of the older days finding your way through “Massacre of the Unborn”. No doubt that back in the day it was a top notch effort. Though the production lacks bass, and sounding shrieky while also being a screaming fiend even after remastering, it is a worthy old school classic for your ears. Better grab one now than cry about it later.

4 Star Rating

1. Certain Accuracy
2. The Deceived Ones
3. Curse of the Damned Cities
4. Beyond the Unknown
5. Freezing Torment
6. Massacre of the Unborn
7. On the Burial Ground
8. Mortify
Moyses M. Howard – Drums
Francis M. Howard – Vocals / Guitars
Mark Lavenia – Bass
Record Label: Metal Mind Productions


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