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Orakle – Eclats

by Craig Thrasher Rider at 14 June 2015, 11:35 AM

Here with have a French band known as ORAKLE. They are very different to anything I'm used to I must say, not really being into Progressive Metal I found this a bit hard to get into to, to start with but as I got deeper into the album, there were some parts I really dug.
Still, after listening to this album it was, very, original so it was a nice change out of the ordinary, typical Metal I jam to.

I like to keep an open mind with all kinds of Rock and Metal, but some genres are really hard for me to understand or should I say, bands. Especially when I can't understand the language but that's besides the point.

After 5 years of production and hard work, I usually expect a masterpiece after so many years for a band to release an album for that long, but “Eclats” unfortunately for me doesn't live up to that rank…

While it has potential and pretty awesome vocals and instrumentals it doesn't give me that “kick” most Metal does, it's there of course but it's very flat. The last time I listened to anything remotely Progressive was probably MASTODON Live at Sonisphere UK 2011, I was trying my best to enjoy them but it didn't happen unfortunately. Not saying they are bad for you Progressive fans out there, but it just wasn't for me.

Eclats” (besides the negatives) does have its positives though, while granted I can't understand French, the vocals are very well done and sound pretty brutal in some parts. Very well sung and the instrumental value is pretty damn good. They aren't very “go nuts” but in some parts the headbanging gets real, granted it took me a few listens to “dig” in the end which takes a lot of open minded empowerment with some bands and albums.

That said with MASTODON though, I haven't really given them the “listen to them properly” treatment which all bands need to fully appreciate them with a kind open mind but one day I will and hopefully change my mind with them being a well-known, popular band.

The Black Metal elements they describe themselves as aren't very strong here but they are there.

In conclusion, this album is very jazzy in most places and definitely has that Metal value in parts but it's by no means a classic, mostly just an enjoyable experimentation of what the band can do which is by no means all bad.

Give it a shot though, more shots than one may be needed though.

In a word, enjoyable.

3 Star Rating

1. Solipse
2. Incompletude(s)
3. Nihil Incognitum
4. Apophase
5. Le sens de la terre
6. Aux eclats
7. Bouffon existentiel
8. Humanise vulgaire
Frederic A. Gervais - Vocals, bass
Pierre "Clevdh" Pethe - Drums
Etienne Gonin - Guitar
Antoine "Ohm" Aubry - Guitar
Emmanuel Rousseau - Keyboards
Record Label: Apathia Records


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