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Orange Goblin - The Wolf Bites Back Award winner

Orange Goblin
The Wolf Bites Back
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 09 July 2018, 7:18 AM

Despite my love for Doom/Stoner Metal, up until this promo came across to me, I haven’t actually ever listened to ORANGE GOBLIN’s music.  Based upon the quick research I did, it seems the band is well respected but, as always, I let the music tell me what to believe. No doubt about it, the band has earned every ounce of accolades as their ninth full length album, “The Wolf Bites Back,” is a beast of an album. As any good Doom album should contain, this one is filled to the brim with groove and white hot guitar solos.   The most striking aspect about this album is how effortlessly the music just glows through me.  It not even an hour long, true, but it also doesn’t feel like 40 odd minutes as passed by either.  The four musicians present their individual prowess as one cohesive force that steamrolls everything in their path.

Sons of Salem,” is a powerful opening statement.  Turner’s drums open the song with a bang then Hoare’s groovy riffs move the song alongside Ward’s near perfect vocal delivery.  Doom/Stoner vocalists aren’t always that great but I really enjoy his approach.  It is a clean delivery but it has just the right amount of bite to give the songs an immediate effect. I love the riffs that start at 1:57 mark of the song, very SABBATH and blues inspired; ORANGE GOBLIN clearly wear these influences on their sleeves but they sound distinct enough to have their own style. “Ghosts of the Primitives,” has some clean guitar parts that, while still electric, keep the distortion down and it gives the feel of a singer/songwriter jam band feel.  The band pulls this sound off well before adding in their style, creating a song that keeps the band in its roots but expands it to glorious effect.  Milliard’s punchy bass attack keeps the song grooving right along while the impressive guitar solo bridges the song together.

The middle point of the album features two shorter tracks, “In Bocca Al Lupo,” and “Suicide Division.”  The former is an instrumental track, multilayered with acoustic guitars and almost nonstop electric leads.  The latter is a fast and furious track that almost has a hardcore punk feel to it.  Both of these tracks are a nice change of pace; they break up the two halves of the album and both show different end extremes of what the band is capable of. “Burn The Ships,” burned my ears with the kick ass riffs, energetic drumming, and powerful bass.  The middle of the song has a psychedelic part, with hypnotic bass, twangy guitar, and some lower register vocals.  My first experience with ORANGE GOBLIN has left me already anxiously awaiting the years ahead for a new album and also a strong desire to devour their back catalogue  Doom/Stoner fans should eat this one up.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Sons of Salem
2. The Wolf Bites Back
3. Renegade
4. Swords of Fire
5. Ghosts of the Primitive
6. In Bocca al Lup
7. Suicide Division
8. The Stranger
9. Burn The Ships
10. Zeitgeist
Ben Ward – Vocals
Joe Hoare – Guitar
Chris Turner – Drums
Martyn Milliard - Bass
Record Label: Candlelight Records


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