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Orbseven - .Ismos. Award winner

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 24 November 2014, 7:55 PM

Well, since long, the mix between Metal and electronic elements is a great trial to many musicians with experience in terms of both. Create something from nothing, or sometimes, getting influences from the Electronic Music and from Metal became a new way to be paved in pieces, from time to time. But sometimes, something very good appears from out of nowhere, as the North American one man band called ORBSEVEN, that now comes with “.ismos.”.

ORBSEVEN is a work of Zeven, and it’s the third one with this project, so we can expect a greater maturity in terms of the past ones. Here, all sounds experimental, having elements of Black Metal and Ambient Music as well, but beware to those who seek for energetic guitar riffs and pounding rhythmic basis. No, here the thing is more introspective and experimental, sounding like a mix between NINE INCH NAILS with some BORKNAGAR riffs sometimes.

The sound production is very good, making the quality reach higher levels, with all instruments used very clear, always from raw and nasty productions done by many bands of the style.

Seven songs in a very good work, that starts with “Falsifier”, with extreme sounds on guitars (but with more introspective feeling), great vocals using electronic effects (sometimes guttural, sometimes clean), and very heavy rhythmic basis. “Gravity Room” follows the trend like some ULVER past works, but with a more Progressive orientation, with another very good work from vocals. “Face to the Fire” has the same feeling from the previous tracks, but having a more evident Industrial feeling, and sounding more aggressive. “A Part of Nothing” is just a little instrumental, working as an intro to “Staircases”, a more Progressive and a bit Gothic song, with great electronic elements. “Turning the Sun” is more experimental, using tons of keyboards and some drums programming, giving a taste of some Tribal Music. And closing the album, comes “Omniversal”, a long and more metalized song, but again elements from Industrial Metal and electronic effects gives an experimental taste to it.

A very good work, and maybe can complain, but it’s too good.

4 Star Rating

1. Falsifier
2. Gravity Room
3. Face to the Fire
4. A Part of Nothing
5. Staircases
6. Turning the Sun
7. Omniversal
Zeven – Guitars, Bass Guitar, Drum Programming, Keyboards, and Additional Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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