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Orbstruct – Deimos Falling

Deimos Falling
by Alex Barnard at 16 November 2021, 9:52 PM

ORBSTRUCT is a Death Metal band from the Ukraine. “Deimos Falling” is the group’s second full-length album, released by Envenomed Music on September 22, 2021.

Now, this is how I like my Death Metal – nice and groovy. True, I do like other types of Death Metal, but at the end of the day, if I had to choose between fast-paced Death Metal with indistinguishable riffs or something more slowed down and simple, I’m going to pick the latter. It feels as though ORBSTRUCT take their musical cues from bands like CROWBAR and PANTERA as much as they take from MORBID ANGEL and OBITUARY. Goreon’s riff writing is enviable to say the least, and his voice bares a strong resemblance to DEICIDE’s Glen Benton. Fok Lok plays with the same amount of groove as the late great Vinnie Paul. Redied’s presence as the second guitarist rounds out the mix nicely, and Samurai’s bass playing is actually quite subtly complicated, like that of CANNIBAL CORPSE’s Alex Webster.

Perhaps my favorite track of all on this album is “House of Pain.” Everything from its infectious, EXHORDER-esque riffs to the constant barrage of drums and Goreon’s toilet bowl-like growls had me headbanging the entire time. Following that track is the song “H.M.F.H.T.F.” This track gave me the most ENTOMBED vibes of all the songs on here, with its almost Rock ’n’ Roll beat and the simplicity of the riffs recalling the glory days of the Stockholm Death Metal scene of the early 1990s.

Other highlights from this album include “Under the Rays of Gory Sun,” which feels the most like a Sludge Metal tune out of any of the songs on this track listing; “Mercury Turn,” which is one of the more brutal numbers on the album; and the title track, which is yet another fun, mid-paced groove.

Overall, this is one of the better Death Metal albums that I’ve heard this year. The riffage and writing style go completely the opposite direction of what Death Metal has become over the past few decades, and reminds listeners that sometimes, simplicity is the answer to making a good track. My one criticism of the album is that I was not a big fan of Goreon’s guitar tone. I feel like he scooped out too many of the mid frequencies, leaving the tone a little brittle and lacking the heft required for Death Metal. Other than that, an impressive sophomore effort from ORBSTRUCT, and here’s looking forward to the next release!

Production: 7
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Musicianship: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Soar between Horror and War
2. House of Pain
3. H.M.F.H.T.F.
4. Deimos Falling
5. Under the Rays of Gory Sun
6. Artificial Breath
7. Outcast
8. Mercury Turn
9. Reaper's Path
10. Age of Hypocrisy
Goreon – Composer, Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Lyrics
Fok Lok – Drums
Samurai – Bass, Backing Vocals
Redied – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Envenomed Music


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