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Orchid – Sign Of The Witch

Sign Of The Witch
by Nitsan "Moonchild" Cohen at 09 August 2015, 1:15 AM

 After so many lines of work, as in 7 releases and a few great tours, it's hard to refer to ORCHID as a young or an inexperienced band. It is hard not to look at them that way, since they've only issued two studio albums, yet in their nine years working together, those guys didn't even take a breath to check out all the things they've done. Even though they haven't yet became a huge, well known rock band, they are sure to be heading that way. Listening to their new EP by the name "Sign Of The Witch", there's only one thing I can say about those guys – they are COOL!

ORCHID are a promising upcoming band from San Francisco. Some would say they are making Hard Rock, some say it is closer to Heavy Metal. No meter what is that, it defiantly stands in a safe spot in the middle of those two fun genres. This new EP is the latest of four of its' kind, most of them followed their debut album released in '11 and just before the second one a couple of years later. This EP features many elements that remind me of how fun Hard Rock bands are, and in the same time what is the darkest side of Heavy Metal. The combination between those two of them, for itself, is great. When many more elements from the world of blues groove and psych are added, the result is wonderful.

Those four songs are fun to listen and chill to. The best song, in my opinion the theme song of this EP, "Sign Of The Witch". This awesome song might not find its' way to my unreasonably picky playlist, but I will guarantee you that- the day I'll awn a bar, this song will go right on my bars' playlist for a cool Friday night. Somehow, I do have a feeling by that time you'll all know the lyrics by heart.

4 Star Rating

 01. Helicopters
02. John The Tiger
03. Sign Of The Witch
04. Strange Winds
Theo Mindell – Vocals
Carter Kennedy - Drums
Mark Thomas Baker - Guitars
Keith Nickel - Bass
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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