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Order Of Chaos - Deadweight Undertow

Order Of Chaos
Deadweight Undertow
by Charlotte "Lotty" Whittingham at 13 September 2014, 8:09 AM

Very appropriately named ORDER OF CHAOS, this Australian Deathcore outfit have brought forward their latest instalment to their discography. It is called “Deadweight Undertow” and to say it will give you a much-needed wake up call would be an understatement.

This chaotic group formed in 1995 with the intention of combining twin guitar harmonies of British Metal and the brutality of nineties American Death Metal containing lyrics about Anti Authority. This instalment adds elements of Punk and Hardcore.

The actual record itself provided me with some entertainment whilst waiting for delayed trains to make the station. After a less than promising start with “Dead On Arrival” where I all I could hear was guitar riffs going at a hundred miles per hour combined with growls, I was convinced that the rest of the record was going to consist of the same kind of noisy composure. Hence providing me with a reminder of why Deathcore stays out of my record collection. I was proved wrong however as the record progressed; the rest of these tracks were arranged in an excellent structure where you could enjoy each element of the track in your own unique way. I even found myself headbanging at the train station to tracks such as “Shadow Saviours”, “Deadweight Undertow” and “Losing Limbs”.

I can imagine a great deal of tracks from this album would be welcomed by the live crowds of their live shows or any kind of Deathcore festival with brutal mosh pits, stage diving and something called Hardcore dancing that I know all too well is a sin in the Metal community.

It ends with the track “Primrose Path” which you can imagine is not as sweet as the name suggests.

Overall this album wasn’t a bad one, considering that Deathcore isn’t my chosen genre of metal. It goes to show there are hidden treasures in places you wouldn’t have thought of looking. 

3 Star Rating

1. Dead On Arrival
2. No Passion To The Grind
3. Fail Me Not
4. Shadow Saviours
5. Hand Over Fist
6. Deadweight Undertow
7. Home
8. Losing Limbs
9. Smoke And Mirrors
10. My War
11. Primrose Path
Terry Vainoras – Bass, Vocals
Evan Coops – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Matt Rizzo – Drums, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Third Verse Records


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