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Order to Ruin - Return to Ceyrior VII

Order to Ruin
Return to Ceyrior
by Dana Koch at 01 April 2018, 9:04 PM

ORDER TO RUIN, a melodic death metal band hailing from Münster, produced and released their seventh album, “Return to Ceyrior VII”. The band is back with their signature sound, and for this album they have brought along a session bassist and drummer. ORDER TO RUIN draws some pretty distinct influence from old school Swedish death metal. The straight out of Gothenburg sound is unmistakable. Harmonizing guitars, harsh snarly vocals, and melodic approach to death metal are all features of ORDER TO RUIN’s style.

The intro, “World Eater” is a sort of spacey, apocalyptic kickstarter for the album with atmospheric music and a muffled radio broadcast. “The Stormlake’s Tale” builds up with catchy guitar riffs, furious drumming, and clanging symbols. I was reminded slightly of some really old In Flames. A slower pace is taken with “Dating Lucifer.” The guitar work provides burning melodies particularly when the harmonizing parts arise. There is a bit of groove brought out in the drum section. “Return to Ceyrior VII” is forceful with aggressive fast paced guitar riffs. I really liked the clean part of the song; very nice contrast to the sound ORDER TO RUIN has given so far. The song slows and there’s another vintage sounding radio broadcast as well adding to the sense this may be an apocalyptic themed album. “Alone with my Knife” is well written and impactful in its approach.

“The Devil’s Mansion” is a thrashing, fast paced kick to the throat. A storm and clear, beautiful acoustic guitar melody starts off “The Conjurer” before the furious beating of the skins begins. “The Bearing of Time” rounds out the album with one last onslaught. “Return to Ceyrior VII” includes eight well written tracks. The production is just right adding to the overall impressiveness of the album. Judging by the sound of things, ORDER TO RUIN is here to stay.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. World Eater
2. The Stormlake’s Tale
3. Dating Lucifer
4. Mary-Jane
5. Return to Ceyrior VII
6. Alone with my Knife
7. Into the Devil’s Mansion
8. The Conjurer
9. The Bearing of Time
Dennis Pfeffer- Guitars
Simon Buse- Guitars
Mike Seidel- Vocals
Patrick Stradiotto- Drums
Record Label: Independent


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