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Order To Ruin - The Loss Of Distress

Order To Ruin
The Loss Of Distress
by Haylin Hunter at 07 July 2014, 1:15 PM

ORDER TO RUIN are a Death Metal band from Münster, Germany. Since their formation back in 2012, they have released two EP’s and this is now, their second full length album, “The Loss of Distress”. The band has already seen quite a few changes in lineup, and subsequently their general sound has also moved through various genres, covering Power Metal, Black Metal, Melodic Death, Thrash, and has finally settled on Old School Melodic Death Metal.

ORDER TO RUIN are a studio only band, despite their well received 2013 EP “I am Death”, and resulting tour offers, they have zero live presence. Their reason for this is simply that they just don’t have time for touring and playing gigs, this is just a hobby to them and they are enjoy the fun they are having making good music.
The first track, “Grotesque Voyage”, starts us off on an ambient journey, a nice but very commonly found method of introducing albums nowadays, almost to the point where I expect it of most new albums. Never the less, it works well to start things off and makes use of some eerie samples in the background.

Next up, “Cyber Assassin” begins with a slow and ominous intro, almost identical to that of BLOODBATH’s “Death Delirium” which quickly builds momentum, and sees the second song on the album take off, breaking into a rather catchy guitar riff that makes for a great chorus. This track has plenty of energy to it, and is definitely a good one to break the listener in for what is still to come.

“The Martian Monarch” has a certain epicness to it, I can’t help but imagine space Vikings sailing across the Milky Way in their Longboat-space vessels, destined to conquer new worlds. The title track, “The Loss of Distress”, has a rather interesting bridge melody, which works quite nicely to give the song a certain uniqueness. “The Tale of the Witches” is definitely my personal favourite, this is possibly due to the fact that it has a very Black Metal feel to it, but apart from just that, this track has a few good hooks, and has an interesting interlude bit in the middle where a crazy old witch can be heard cackling and babbling on about a house of the dead etc.

The rest of the album is typical of the Melodic Death genre, and there are still a few more catchy riffs to come, but not much really that stands out or is worth mention. “The Loss of Distress” is by no means a bad album, it just seems to be lacking somewhat.

2 Star Rating

1. Grotesque Voyage
2. Cyber Assassin
3. The Martian Monarch
4. The Loss of Distress
5. The Tale of the Witches
6. Embracing the Coffin
7. Bleeding Heaven
8. Possessed
9. Lifeless Invaders
10. Rockin' Hell
Denis Pfeffer - Lead, Rhythm Guitars
Simon Buse - Lead, Rhythm Guitars, Bass
Jens Schönfelder - Vocals
Mirko Vanderveen - Session Drums
Record Label: Independent


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