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Order To Ruin - The Path To Atrocity Award winner

Order To Ruin
The Path To Atrocity
by Matan "Shouter" Yaniv at 12 February 2015, 10:27 PM

It's begun to be very famous that the Melodic Death Metal's home is in Europe, and not just in Sweden. Melodic Death Metal is actually one of my favorite genres, and you may or may not call me cataloger but when I heard how this band brought their elements into the genre I said that I must review them.

ORDER TO RUIN is a German band that formed in 2012 in Münster.

In a very short time, the band managed to release 2 EP's and two albums (that one came in the same year of the one I review!) before their official full-length third album that called “The Path To Atrocity”.

With no any intro or some bullshit likes this. The album in the old school way starts directly into "I Saw the Devil" an Absolutely High school for Melodic Death Metal. A great rhythm, strong guitar parts, amazing growling performance of the front man and chorus that reminds me DARK TRANQUILITY.

"The Path of Sanity" is even faster, stronger and better than the previous song.

If I wasn’t sure in the first song, so now I know, I review now one insanely talented band.

"Iron Bells" is the longest song in the album and personally my favorite song of the band. It’s a song that despite its length, something that a lot of bands falls on, the song manages to keep the flame burning throughout the six-minute long.

The next track, "Respect My Sword" is a lot heavier and darker. The song is so much heavy that it's got parts that belong to the original Death Metal.

"Here Comes The Reaper" is a fun song with cool rhythm and dark atmosphere, a perfect song for concerts. "Abducted" is even touching the Progressive Death Metal with the diversity of elements that the band show in this one. For example, the band even uses an acoustic guitar in part of the song.

The heaviest song in the album is with no doubt, "A Superior Entity".

The song got growls performances that even belong to the Black Metal world. Still the band is keeping her elements with their melodic guitars and still stays loyal to the Melodic Death Metal area.

"Remember" is the last song in the album and for a matter of a fact the only one I didn’t really liked. Although that again the band showing some great parts and performance, there is no special highlight point in the song and its makes the band to repeat the same thing in the song until its get too boarding.

In the bottom line, ORDER TO RUIN creating an high school for how to make a kick-ass Melodic Death Metal album. The production of the albums is very much impressive, it's definitely not an album that recorded in storage. The performances of the band are absolutely genius and showing that besides the writing they are very talented players, especially in these technically sophisticated songs. All the songs in the album keeping the atmosphere of a kick-ass, strong and dark Death Metal and this is why the album is a masterpiece.

5 Star Rating

1. I Saw The Devil
2. The Path of Sanity
3. The Iron Bells
4. Respect My Sword
5. Here Comes The Reaper
6. Trenches of Honor
7. Abducted
8. A Superior Entity
9. Remember
Denis Pfeffer - Guitars
Simon Buse - Guitars
Tobias Müller - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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