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Order Of The Ebon Hand - XV: The Devil (CD)

Order Of The Ebon Hand
XV: The Devil
by Katerina Kladisiou at 30 June 2005, 11:21 PM

Order of The Ebon Hand were formed in 1994 by Merkaal (vocals & bass) and Lorthar on guitars. Lethe (Septic Flesh, Thou Art Lord, Horrified and Necromantia) joined after a while on drums and keyboards. In 1997 they participated in a Greek tribute album to Bathory with the song A Fine Day To Die. The same year they released their debut The Mystic Path Of The Netherworld. For several reasons the band split up in 1998. In 2001 and after some roster changes Order Of The Ebon Hand created a stable lineup and after a request from Black Lotus Records they contributed to a Celtic Frost tribute entitled Circle of The Tyrants. Finally, in 2005 the band signed with the French label Season Of Mist and the new album is has recently been released.
Most of the Greek - and not only - Black Metal fans are familiar with the Black Metal sound of Order Of The Ebon Hand. Cold, resembling the Scandinavian sound, raw Black Metal is what could characterize Order of Then Ebon Hand. The vocals of Merkaal are rather Burzum-ish screams. The atmosphere that is being created demands these kind of vocals to maximize the chilling that it provokes. The guitar riffs remind me the style of the last decade and the drumming fills the gaps wherever that's needed. This Black Metal devastation is completed by an ambient touch between the songs that emphasizes the darkness and coldness of the whole. The cover artwork of the album depicts a Tarot card, so the lyrics have to do with mysticism and witchcraft. I've read that in each of their releases from now on they will use a Tarot card as a cover.
What makes me very happy is that with these very good releases the Greek Metal scene is being known to the metalheads of other countries and gives these bands a chance. Order Of The Ebon Hand is one of these bands and I hope that everything will be very hopeful for them. And with such a good release the possibilities are much bigger…

3 Star Rating

For Marchosias
To Alloces
Gateway To Silence
The Visitors
To Gremory
The Swordwraith (Unbroken Vow II)
(You Are) The Gleaming King
Merkaal - Vocals & Bass
Phlaigon - Guitars
Lethe - Drums & Keyboards
Record Label: Season Of Mist


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