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Ordinance - Relinquishment Award winner

by Paulomaniaco at 08 November 2014, 7:43 PM

ORDINANCE  is a two men Black Metal band from Finland, date of formation is unknown, Impudicus and Wulturus are two very experienced musicians, having played for quite few bands in the past, bands like, MUTILATION NATION, ALGHAZANTH, NIGHT MUST FALL, GOATHORDE and many others now they come forth with this very dark and evil full length album entitled "Relinquishment", a total blast and onslaught of fine Black Metal with lots of interesting things happening throughout.

The album is divided in three parts in a total of nine songs, most songs are very long and epic as well, Satanic, melodic and fast, it has tones of variations and you can hear all instruments perfectly and played with amazing precision.

CD 1 begins with "Relinquished", a slow beginning with a dark atmosphere and grim vocals, followed by "The Shadowcast" now a more fast approach, low and sharp guitars, lovers of MAYHEM  will love this CD, it totally raw Black Metal at its best. Next track is "Yielding  Servitude"; lots of guitar work, great melodies and brutal e demonic vocals, it is insanely good.

CD 2 starts off with "Ascending Into The Unknown" reminds me of MAYHEM, deep and long vocals, the drums get faster and that unique guitar sound, tearing your flesh and going deep inside your soul, great stuff. "Peregrination Unto The Inevitable" continues the carnage, fast pace and  awesome demonic melodies and "Cipher" ends the second CD with style and rather differently with acoustic guitars and a very slow approach but also very dark and smart indeed.

Finally CD 3 begins with "Sword Of Division", amazing vocals coming from the depths of Hell,  "Waning The Light" and "For Satan My Soul" closes down the curtain with more excellent Black Metal, forces of the occult gather around and chaos is brought forward, Wulturus and Imputicus have given us a masterpiece, a lesson in how to make true  Black Metal music with no fucking bullshit, technically they are superb, they have created a variety of sounds, brutality, melodic enchants and managed to keep it simple and raw with a unique underground sound, true to all Black Metal fans, all components come together perfectly. I mean, this is a masterpiece indeed, I would love to see them performing live, this album could be the whole set and I don't think anyone would complain.

The production of this album is excellent, great stuff and the art cover is one of the best I have ever seen. I love the 3 CDs equally, I think they all are very special on its own, bottom line is: It gets into your soul and the music is extremely good.

5 Star Rating

CD 1

1. Relinquished
2. The Shadowcast
3. Yielding Servitude

CD 2

4. Ascending Into the Unknown
5.Peregrination Unto the Inevitable
6. Cipher

CD 3
7. Sword Of Division
8. Waning Light
9. For Satan My Soul
Impudicus - Drums
Wulturus - Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions


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