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Ordinul Negru - Scorcery Of Darkness

Ordinul Negru
Scorcery Of Darkness
by Chelsea Jennings at 09 December 2015, 1:13 AM

ORDINUL NEGRU are a Black Metal band hailing from TImisoara and Brasou. ORDINAL NEGRU were founded in 2004,. and are influenced by the likes of COUNTESS to NORTT. ORDINAL NEGRU have put out their latest offering "Scorcery Of Darkness" via Loud Rage Music.

ORDINUL NEGRU's latest release "Scorcery Of Darkness" has decent enough musicianship to it. The sounds vary between powerful, slow chugging themes, and heavier, shredding pieces. These four really know how to make a sound that is heavy and dark. However, at the same time this entire EP is marred by the horrible quality of vocals performed by S.

"Scorcery Of Darkness" has one audible word which is "scorcery" and that's not saying much given that's the title of the track. "From The Ashes Of The Mist" is no different, and nor is "In Ceas De Noapte". The unintelligible vocals make the entire EP A lost concept to anyone listening to it. It's a shame because the music is not of a bad quality, but the entire thing sounds like a werewolf in a bad haunted house under a full moon. That takes away from the enjoyment of the EP, and the entire thing winds up a lost concept to the listener. This really ruins what ORDINUL NEGRU otherwise has going for them, and it's a shame, really.

1 Star Rating

1. Scorcery Of Darkness
2. From The Ashes Of The Mist
3. In Ceas De Noapte
S - Vocals
Urmuz - Guitars
Fulmincos - Guitars & Bass
Andrei Jumuga - Drums
Record Label: Loud Rage Music


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