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Orecus - The Obliterationist

The Obliterationist
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 13 March 2021, 7:36 AM

As the Swedish Metal scene evolved since the first half of the 80’s to early days of the 90’s, when the extreme Metal genres were the main genres, things became broader and greater than someone could think back then. And things seem to evolve more and more there, because some names provides music that seems to expand frontiers. One of them is from the quartet ORECUS, as can be heard clearly on “The Obliterationist”.

They play a form of modern Death Metal that blends the fury of traditional Swedish Death Metal School with a strong dose of Groove Metal, and some technical parts. But as the words aren’t enough to describe, all that’s left to say is that their music is personal, abrasive, full of life and energy, but adorned with fine and violent instrumental arrangements. This piece of brutal Metal art was mixed and mastered by the hands of Buster Odeholm, of Impact Studios. And the final result is a brutal and bone crushing sonority, but in a way that everyone can understand what’s being played by them. And of course that he made a work that catches the strong and abrasive Groove Metal tunes, but in a Death Metal outfit.

The album has 10 very good songs, and they show that these guys have guts and an ample and great set of musical ways to evolve in. But for a first time, the contrasts between Death Metal parts and Groove Metal moments heard on “The Obliterationist” (with a hard and fast attack from the guitars), the technical attack heard on “Distress Signal” (bass guitar and drums are really oppressing bones with their weight), the modern and oppressive weight of “Blodvite” (where some vocals are done by Chad Kapper) and “Below the Threshold” (some ambiences reminds a lot some of the early works from Gothenburg school, and it bears some vocals from Fredrik Söderberg), and the traditional Death Metal appeal of “Become the Nihilist” (very good grunts, indeed) are the right ones.

It’s just their first album (they releases an EP on 2016), but “The Obliterationist” shows a mature band. And ORECUS can evolve even more, so the next time they’ll shake the Earth with their music for sure!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Obliterationist
2. Distress Signal
3. The Destruction Path
4. Blodvite (feat. Chad Kapper)
5. Omnipotent
6. Below the Threshold (feat. Fredrik Söderberg)
7. Unborn, Reborn
8. My Manifest
9. Become the Nihilist
10. Extinct
Philip Grüning - Vocals
Elias Ryen-Rafstedt - Guitars, Drums
Francis Larsson - Guitars
Martin Maxe - Bass
Record Label: Violent Groove


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