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Organ Dealer – Visceral Infection

Organ Dealer
Visceral Infection
by Craig "Thrasher" Rider at 02 October 2015, 9:28 AM

ORGAN DEALER; a Grindcore band hailing from New Jersey, unleashing “Visceral Infection” to the world – I get to listen and review this, bizarre piece of work. I say bizarre because each song is at the most – 2 minutes long. But the great thing about this album is, every song is unique and crushing, while I am quite familiar with Grindcore being a genre that doesn't overdo itself in terms of musical length; each song makes you think - will this work Live? Of course it will.

Despite its shortness, (around 20 minutes long) the musical Death Metal value is still there, I was not at all bored in the few times I listened to “Visceral Infection” and overall; this was a fine piece of work in the end. “Visceral Infection” is ORGAN DEALER's first album with a Demo released last year and it is a damn fine debut – the crushing force of Death Metal and Grindcore fuses both genres in a great, finely done fashion.

From the beginning introduction, there's no dramatic atmosphere like chaos, except; chaotic musicianship – transcending into loud-as-fuck instrumentation. “Visceral Infection” is a powerful brute from the opening “Intro” and “KPC-OXA48” the intensity from there just carries on, very similarly – granted. But for most of us Hardcore, Death Metal extremists – this is a monumental tribute to what we usually crave for in our Metal community. While everything in “Visceral Infection” sounds mostly identical to each other, this is no problemo for me. Riffs from Trevor Graham and Eric Schnee are astoundingly fast and left me ending the album very quickly – due to its shortness and greatness, I was not bored at all.

From “Piss And Gasoline” to “Festering Maze” there is nothing but intense brutality and pounding and some very crazy vocals from Scot Moriarty, Jeffrey Knoblauch adds his bass power to the mix which is a very nice touch – but of course.

If I'm brutally honest, there is not at all much else to talk about. If I was thinking outside of my own box though – “Visceral Infection” can be considered a “hit and miss” alteration, but if you hunger for new discoveries and material that you may not think you would like first time around; definitely give this a go, I found it to be one of my most epic “Hardcore”, and uniquely insane listens to date. I can safely say that I was thrashing about to this a bit too much!

Check it out.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. KPC-OXA48
3. No Answer
4. Piss And Gasoline
5. The Pear Of Anguish
6. Festering Maze
7. Anencephaly
8. Consumed
9. The Creeper
10. Pyrophillia
11. Small Talk
12. Black Dolphin
Jeffrey Knoblauch - Bass
Scot Moriarty - Vocals
James Stivaly - Drums
Trevor Graham – Guitars
Eric Schnee – Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions


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